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It is difficult to gauge the number of Hong Kong residents who will take up the UK's offer at this moment. - BBC
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gauge   Speak
v.  estimate or determine the magnitude, amount, or volume of

take up   Speak
v.  claim or accept of something, esp a state benefit, that is due or available
Added on: 2020-07-11
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draconian   Speak
a. excessively harsh and severe
chatter   Speak
n. incessant trivial talk
Since China imposed a draconian National Security law on Hong Kong, a lot of dinner party chatter has been about personal exit strategies.
bump into   Speak
v. meet someone unexpectedly, accidentally hit against something
scuffle   Speak
n. a short, confused fight or struggle at close quarters
Their border patrols often bump into each other, resulting in occasional scuffles but both sides insist no bullet has been fired in four decades.
skirmish   Speak
n. an episode of irregular fighting, especially between small parts of armies or fleets
stunned   Speak
a. so shocked that one is temporarily unable to react; astonished
incursion   Speak
n. an invasion or attack, especially a sudden or brief one
In early May, when the first reports of skirmishes emerged, strategists were left stunned; to observers in Delhi, it was clear that this was not a routine incursion.
afloat   Speak
a. out of debt or difficulty
prose   Speak
n. written language in its ordinary form rather than poetry
Alcott was living in a basement apartment with her family, and they were struggling to stay afloat; even then, her prose was impressive.
glimpse   Speak
n. a momentary or partial view
prolific   Speak
a. present in large numbers or quantities, plentiful
The story offers a new glimpse into the imagination of a writer who was prolific even as a teenager.
crop up   Speak
v. appear, occur, or come to one's notice unexpectedly
shield   Speak
v. protect someone or something from a danger
The same issue crops up in deciding who should be shielding and whether some people need extra protection in the workplace.
implication   Speak
n. a conclusion that can be drawn from something, although it is not explicitly stated
grapple   Speak
v. engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons
It does have far-reaching implications that are difficult to grapple.
devour   Speak
v. read books or literature quickly and eagerly
propel   Speak
v. drive, push, or cause to move in a particular direction
As a little girl, Sullivan was already devouring every newspaper she could find on the subject; it was a time when the Mercury Seven were propelling the image of astronauts into America's mind.
rowdy   Speak
a. noisy and disorderly
grubby   Speak
a. dirty; grimy
to heart's content   Speak
ad. as much or as often as you like
The guys went out to field camps and they dressed all grubby and they never showered and they could swear and be real, rowdy little boys again to their hearts' content.
encroachment   Speak
n. intrusion on a person's territory or rights
spill over   Speak
v. continue for a longer time than expected, reach or influence a larger area
We see the disease from wildlife to spill over into humans and spread quickly around the world; human encroachment on the natural world speeds up it.
personnel   Speak
n. people employed in an organization to undertake such as military service
fluctuate   Speak
v. rise and fall irregularly in number or amount
Some US personnel based in Europe support non-Nato operations and US military numbers fluctuate as forces are rotated in and out.
grouse   Speak
v. complain pettily; grumble
outpouring   Speak
n. something that streams out rapidly
Trump has groused that finding another location to host G7 summit will cost the country a fortune, following an outpouring of criticism.
sedition   Speak
n. conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch
secession   Speak
n. action of withdrawing formally from membership of a federation or body
subversion   Speak
n. undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution
China is proposing to introduce a new security law in Hong Kong that could ban sedition, secession, and subversion.
vulnerable   Speak
a. susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm