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The safest choice this Thanksgiving is to cozy up to - and cook for - the people you live with; these lower-yield recipes don't sacrifice on satisfaction. - New York Times
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cozy up   Speak
v.  attain or try to attain familiarity, friendship, or intimacy

low-yield   Speak
a.  used to describe investments that do not pay much income
Added on: 2020-11-21
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shortbread   Speak
n. a crisp, rich, easily breaking cookie made with butter, flour, and sugar
gooey   Speak
a. soft and sticky
praline   Speak
n. a smooth, sweet substance made by boiling nuts in sugar and grinding the mixture
Fitting for the current pandemic, these delicate, crumbly brown sugar shortbread cookies sandwich a gooey pecan-praline filling.
tally   Speak
v. calculate the total number of
scrutiny   Speak
n. critical observation or examination
They demanded recounts in every state using the Dominion Voting Systems vote-tallying machine software, especially in key battlefield states that are under scrutiny.
on the plus side   Speak
ad. considering the positive, beneficial, advantageous
shelf component   Speak
n. something that is available immediately and does not need to be specially made
The report details several potential problems; on the plus side, it notes that the use of off the shelf components would reduce the expense of the overall system.
reincarnation   Speak
n. the rebirth of a soul in a new body
sport   Speak
v. wear or display
Cit0Day could be considered a reincarnation of LeakedSource; however, it went down on September 14, when the site's domain sported an FBI seizure notice.
rival   Speak
n. a person or thing competing with another for the same objective
authenticity   Speak
n. the quality of being real, not fake
While it's unclear if the data was hacked by a rival gang, but forum users who did confirm the data's authenticity.
bounty   Speak
n. things given in generous amounts
wield   Speak
v. hold and use (a weapon or tool)
By exporting our energy bounty, we are freeing allies from decades of dependence on unfriendly nations that have long wielded their energy supply as a political weapon.
bolster   Speak
v. support or strengthen; prop up
grid   Speak
n. a network of cables or pipes for distributing power, especially high-voltage transmission lines
Their work has the potential to touch every corner of life, including every area of energy, from improving energy efficiency to bolstering grid security.
purportedly   Speak
ad. as appears or is stated to be true, though not necessarily so
spill   Speak
v. spread profusely or beyond bounds
On Oct. 14, files purportedly from the mysterious laptop spilled into public view in the New York Post.
threadbare   Speak
a. outworn, used a lot; no longer effective
rambling   Speak
a. lengthy and confused or inconsequential
In a threadbare red-brick building, the shop’s owner looked at the machines and kept one for data recovery, according to a rambling interview.
subpoena   Speak
n. a legal document ordering someone to appear in a law court
marginally   Speak
ad. to only a limited extent; slightly
He says he gave it to the FBI in December, a subpoena provided by Giuliani is dated December 19;  but on Friday Giuliani offered a marginally different version of events.
equity   Speak
n. the value of the shares issued by a company
email chain   Speak
n. an email message that includes a running list of all the succeeding replies starting with the original email
Joe Biden is the person referred to as the 'the big guy' who would receive 10 percent equity in a deal with a Chinese energy firm, as referenced in an email chain including his son Hunter.
haptic   Speak
a. relating to the sense of touch
acoustic   Speak
a. relating to sound or the sense of hearing
The system needs to be accepted by drivers, which supports the most flexible approach, with a cascaded warning system - first visual, then acoustic or haptic.
render   Speak
v. cause to be or become; make
bleeping   Speak
a. making a short high-pitched sound or sounds
The EU is proposing a kit that renders the accelerator pedal temporarily unresponsive, whereas car makers suggest the cheaper option of a bleeping light on the dashboard.
dieback   Speak
n. a condition in which a tree begins to die from the tip of its leaves or roots backwards
severity   Speak
n. fact or condition of being severe
Our landscapes are irrevocably changing, and this year's combination of a dry spring and late frost may have dramatically sped up the severity of ash dieback.
meadow   Speak
n. a piece of grassland, especially one used for hay