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He went on to pursue a physics degree at a university, where he savored the academic experience he felt he had missed out on while serving in the Navy. - MIT News
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savor   Speak
v.  enjoy food or an experience slowly, in order to enjoy it as much as possible

miss out on   Speak
v.  lose the chance or opportunity to do or experience something
Added on: 2021-06-12
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frigate   Speak
n. a warship with a mixed armament, generally heavier than a destroyer and introduced for convoy escort work
oversee   Speak
v. supervise (a person or work), especially in an official capacity
propulsion   Speak
v. the action of driving or pushing forward
He was assigned to a frigate in Norfolk, oversaw all aspects of the engineering plan, ranging from power supply to propulsion.
polymer   Speak
n. a chemical substance consisting of large molecules made from many smaller and simpler molecules
microscale   Speak
a. relatively small or detailed in scope or proportion
The new fiber was created by placing hundreds of square silicon microscale digital chips into a preform that was then used to create a polymer fiber.
real-time   Speak
n. the actual time during which a process or event occurs
respiratory   Speak
a. relating to breathing or the organs of respiration
With this analytic power, the fibers someday could sense and alert people in real-time to health changes like a respiratory decline or an irregular heartbeat.
disinformation   Speak
n. false information which is intended to mislead
sow discord   Speak
v. say and do things that cause distrust among one another
The spread of disinformation via social media has the power to change elections, strengthen conspiracy theories, and sow discord.
dive into   Speak
v. examine something in great detail in a short space of time
cognitive   Speak
a. connected with thinking or conscious mental processes
A new program is underway to dive into the cognitive aspects of influence operations and how individual attitudes and behaviors are affected by fake news.
collectivism   Speak
n. the practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it
well-established   Speak
a. firmly established, especially because of a long existence
The study uses a series of datasets about mask usage and public attitudes, along with well-established empirical indices of collectivism.
affiliation   Speak
n. the state of belonging to a particular religious or political group
per-capita   Speak
a. per unit of population, by or for each person
The researchers controlled for a large set of other factors that might influence mask-wearing, including political affiliations across the public, per-capita income, age, and gender.
empirical   Speak
a. based on or verifiable by experience rather than theory or pure logic
nontradable   Speak
a. not traded internationally, such as services where the demander and producer must be in the same location
We found that the empirical effect is clear, some industry activities go up, including labor compensation in these nontradable industries.
asset   Speak
n. a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality
well-off   Speak
a. being in good condition or favorable circumstances
There are moral debates about whether society has too much wealth tied up in stocks as opposed to other kinds of assets, and workers might spend more relative to well-off investors.
dope   Speak
v. add an impurity to a semiconductor to produce a desired electrical characteristic
antialigned   Speak
a. aligned in an opposite direction, especially of a magnetic domain
The team has found that by doping extra electrons into an antiferromagnetic material, they can turn its collective antialigned arrangement on and off, in a controllable way.
ferromagnet   Speak
n. something having the same kind of magnetism that iron has
synchrony   Speak
n. simultaneous action, development, or occurrence
Where the electrons in ferromagnets spin in synchrony - a property that allows a compass needle to point north, collectively following the Earth’s magnetic field.
disentangle   Speak
v. separate things that have become joined or confused
tease out   Speak
v. try to get information or understand a meaning that is hidden or not clear
This requires the ability to disentangle sounds produced by different events or objects, and the ability to tease out the effects of the environment.
exposure   Speak
n. the act or an instance of exposing
perceive   Speak
v. become aware or conscious of something
McDermott’s lab explores how exposure to different types of music affects people’s music preferences and even how they perceive music.
brittle   Speak
a. hard but liable to break or shatter easily
geometrical   Speak
a. consisting of lines and simple shapes; of or relating to or determined by the geometry
The researchers worked primarily with composite materials that included both soft and brittle components in a variety of random geometrical arrangements.
strain   Speak
n. a force tending to pull or stretch something to an extreme or damaging degree