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It all culminated Saturday in Trump declaring that 99 percent of cases are totally harmless — a statement that bears no resemblance to what health officials have said. - Washington Post
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culminate   Speak
v.  reach a climax or point of highest development

bear no resemblance   Speak
v.  not be similar to someone or something else
Added on: 2020-08-01
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long game   Speak
n. considering the future implications of current choices, thinking ahead, being deliberate and patient
trajectory   Speak
n. path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces
Abbott is playing the long game, recognizing that his handling won’t be judged on momentary headlines, but on the long-term trajectory of the virus in his state.
bolster   Speak
v. support or strengthen; prop up
ramp up   Speak
v. increase or cause to increase in the amount
While the US has ramped up economic pressure, activists have launched a campaign accusing firms of bolstering from the exploitation of the Muslim minority group.
grim   Speak
a. forbidding or uninviting
rampant   Speak
a. flourishing or spreading unchecked
Researchers put this down to two grim factors: many were sent to work in rice plantations where malaria and other dangerous conditions were rampant.
cull   Speak
v. kill animals, especially the weaker members of them, in order to reduce or limit their number
mink   Speak
n. a small animal with valuable fur that is used to make expensive coats, or the fur from this animal
when tests on 13 July showed that 87 percent of the mink were infected, health authorities ordered for all 92,700 of the semi-aquatic animals to be culled.
custodial   Speak
a. relating to or requiring imprisonment
instrumental   Speak
a. serving as a means of pursuing an aim or policy
An Instagram video about the custodial deaths of a father and son was instrumental in getting the case national attention.
gauge   Speak
v. estimate or determine the magnitude, amount, or volume of
take up   Speak
v. claim or accept of something, esp a state benefit, that is due or available
It is difficult to gauge the number of Hong Kong residents who will take up the UK's offer at this moment.
draconian   Speak
a. excessively harsh and severe
chatter   Speak
n. incessant trivial talk
Since China imposed a draconian National Security law on Hong Kong, a lot of dinner party chatter has been about personal exit strategies.
bump into   Speak
v. meet someone unexpectedly, accidentally hit against something
scuffle   Speak
n. a short, confused fight or struggle at close quarters
Their border patrols often bump into each other, resulting in occasional scuffles but both sides insist no bullet has been fired in four decades.
skirmish   Speak
n. an episode of irregular fighting, especially between small parts of armies or fleets
stunned   Speak
a. so shocked that one is temporarily unable to react; astonished
incursion   Speak
n. an invasion or attack, especially a sudden or brief one
In early May, when the first reports of skirmishes emerged, strategists were left stunned; to observers in Delhi, it was clear that this was not a routine incursion.
afloat   Speak
a. out of debt or difficulty
prose   Speak
n. written language in its ordinary form rather than poetry
Alcott was living in a basement apartment with her family, and they were struggling to stay afloat; even then, her prose was impressive.
glimpse   Speak
n. a momentary or partial view
prolific   Speak
a. present in large numbers or quantities, plentiful
The story offers a new glimpse into the imagination of a writer who was prolific even as a teenager.
crop up   Speak
v. appear, occur, or come to one's notice unexpectedly
shield   Speak
v. protect someone or something from a danger
The same issue crops up in deciding who should be shielding and whether some people need extra protection in the workplace.
implication   Speak
n. a conclusion that can be drawn from something, although it is not explicitly stated
grapple   Speak
v. engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons
It does have far-reaching implications that are difficult to grapple.
devour   Speak
v. read books or literature quickly and eagerly
propel   Speak
v. drive, push, or cause to move in a particular direction
As a little girl, Sullivan was already devouring every newspaper she could find on the subject; it was a time when the Mercury Seven were propelling the image of astronauts into America's mind.
rowdy   Speak
a. noisy and disorderly