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English Vocabulary is the key to get a good mark in English tests. In either reading or writing, the more words you have the better score you expect. However young students are hardly strong enough in vocabulary building. Learning hot words is a shortcut to impress examiners and show you difference from others.

Word of the Day, is designed to help students of TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, and other tests to prepare hot and popular words. All words are picked up from mainstream media from English countries. Most of them are with original example sentences. The contexts are important resource to understand the usages of words. A real use sample can encourage student to use new word more confidently.

Test takers, especially non-English speakers, usually study English from textbooks and teachers. What they learn isn’t exactly real English, or say school English. This is why some ESL students lack confidence and doubt if real English speaker can understand them. Words and sentences there are from actual English media, including TV and Internet, they are trying to bring real English to you.

Simple or easy vocabulary doesn’t give you stronger confidence or higher score. Words in this app are selected with 2 criteria: hot and useful. It shouldn’t be a daily word but has chance to occur in exam papers. They will help in reading, writing, and other test sections. To meet with separate students, the app has two levels: basic and middle. Please select proper one to start your hot words building journey.

In addition to the common features of similar app, this app has built-in auxiliary functionalities to help students with systemic and scientific review pattern. It organizes previous words by week, month, and season (100 days); and offers review patterns accordingly. Basically, these features let you can review on demand and pick up words that are missed or forgotten somehow.

This isn’t a leisure app; instead it is designed as a serious tool to accumulate hot exam words by enduring study and review. Hot words and real sentences play active roles in most test sections, after you get hundreds of them, you absolutely will be rewarded with a higher score.
 Latest Selected Words
A fully fledged ocean-crossing cable helps them detect all sorts of seismic rumbles; that would be a boon to geologists who focus on the Eurasian and African tectonic plates.

develop wing feathers that are large enough for flight

a continuous deep, resonant sound like distant thunder

a thing that is helpful or beneficial

of or relating to the structure of the earth's crust