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Speaking of Clint, his skit was a bit of a mind-blower. It was more than strange to watch him standing on the podium talking to an empty chair.

mind-blower   Speak
n.  one that intensely affects the mind or emotions
Added on: 2018-12-18
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shrug off   Speak
v. to minimize the importance of; get rid of
Microsoft shrugged off a 14% slump in PC sales during the first quarter to report net income of $6.1bn (£3.9m), up 18% from $5.1bn a year ago, beating analysts' forecasts.
maven   Speak
n. an expert or connoisseur
woman about town   Speak
n. a socially active, sophisticated woman who frequents fashionable nightclubs, theaters, or restaurants
British-born media maven and woman about town Tina Brown, 64, moved to New York in the early 1980s to helm Vanity Fair.
spill   Speak
v. flow, run, or fall out, over, or off and become wasted, scattered, or lost
Luckey noted that had the spilling happened closer to Christmas, it would have been a catastrophe.
botnet   Speak
n. a collection of compromised computers that is slowly built up then unleashed as a DDOS attack or used to send very large quantities of spam
They staffing Microsoft’s new Cybercrime Center talk about stopping criminals: software pirates, criminal syndicates that run botnets and exploiters of children.
capsize   Speak
v. to cause to overturn (usually a vessel)
Malta's prime minister has said European waters close to Africa are turning into a cemetery, after another boat laden with migrants capsized.
disseminated   Speak
a. spread around; widespread; spread over a large area of a body, tissue, or organ
doomsday   Speak
n. judgment day; day of the last judgment; day of death
That the world will end in 2012 is the most widely-disseminated doomsday tale in human history, thanks to the internet, Hollywood and an ever-eager press corps.
traumatize   Speak
v. wound or injure a tissue, as in a surgical operation
Possible teenage suicide pacts and the potential for traumatizing fear in young children has prompted The NASA to release a video this week discounting theories that the end of the Maya calendar on December 21st, signifies the end of the world.
emblazon   Speak
v. adorn richly with prominent markings; make illustrious; celebrate
Tommy was playing MacArthur, an iconic hero emblazoned on everyone’s consciousness, and I was the guy that nobody knew.
amalgam   Speak
n. a combination of many different things; an alloy of mercury and other metals
To take on the south was to risk splintering the Democratic Party, then an angry amalgam of northern liberals, southern segregationists and pragmatists like the president, who tried to straddle the divide.
foray   Speak
n. sudden raid or military advance; venture or initial attempt, especially outside one's usual area
It’s the web giant’s first foray into wearable technology, an emerging market expected to more closely integrate the capabilities of smartphones in our lives.
hippocampus   Speak
n. a ridge in the floor of each lateral ventricle of the brain that consists mainly of gray matter and has a central role in memory processes
You can look into brain regions which are connected with the hippocampus and play a major role in this disease, but you can also study how many cells you need to build up a cortical unit model in 3-D.
sermon   Speak
n. religious discourse delivered as part of a church service
The studio has teamed up with a specialist marketing firm with the aim of encouraging pastors to utilise Zack Snyder's comic book reboot in sermons.
discourse   Speak
n. formal discussion on a topic, either written or spoken
"The verdict is certainly a chilling one for investigative journalism, for people who might come into information that they believe should be part of the public discourse."
coup   Speak
n. a sudden take-over of leadership or power
A coup followed by an Islamist insurgency uprooted many Malians last year, before French-led forces helped restore order in January.
point blank   Speak
a. close enough so that missing the target is unlikely or impossible; so close to a target that a weapon may be aimed directly at it
Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani school girl shot in the head at point-blank range for advocating girls' education, has become a millionaire by signing a deal for around USD 3 million to publish her memoir.
edict   Speak
n. a formal command or order issued by an authority and having the force of law
She and her family were living in Pakistan's Swat Valley, where the Taliban had issued an edict in 2009 banning all girls from school.
cardiovascular   Speak
a. of, relating to, or involving the heart and the blood vessels
In trials, the small but statistically significant reductions in cholesterols and blood pressure, suggest a beneficial effect on other major cardiovascular risk factors.
prowess   Speak
n. superior skill or ability
Space exploration, once the exclusive domain of the world's superpowers, is now being undertaken by dozens of nations aiming to show the world their technological prowess.
burgeon   Speak
v. to develop or grow rapidly
The buildup in corporate internal controls may lead to a false sense of security that the company will be able to ferret out internal wrongdoing before it burgeons into a serious concern.
haunt   Speak
v. visit often; appear to in the form of ghost or other supernatural being; come to the mind of continually
His heroic tug at a flag-decked mast will come back to haunt him in unexpected ways later in the story.
rendition   Speak
n. performance of a musical or dramatic work; interpretation of a musical score or a dramatic piece
Lazaro's rendition of "Close to You" hit him "like an Ambien milkshake."
antipathy   Speak
n. strong feelings of aversion or dislike
The killing of a TSA screener in Los Angeles is symptomatic of a growing antipathy toward government workers and TSA personnel in particular, experts said Saturday.
concoct   Speak
v. prepare by mixing ingredients, as in cooking; devise, using skill and intelligence
Stalin-esque   Speak
n. manner as Stalin; -esque: in the style or manner of
Could 100 percent of this report be false and concocted in truly Stalin-esque style?
stigma   Speak
n. mark or token of infamy, disgrace, or reproach; small mark or scar
Armstrong’s once-impressive career is now forever tainted with the stigma of having been achieved by means other than skill, hard work and dogged determination.
trot out   Speak
v. bring out and show for inspection or admiration
Honda on Thursday trotted out a thorough updated Civic at the Los Angeles Auto Show, hoping in part to appease auto critics who almost universally panned the 2012 redesign.
cryptography   Speak
n. act or art of writing in code or secret characters; also, secret characters, codes or ciphers, or messages written in a secret code
Following a barrage of criticism about the security of his recently unveiled Mega cloud storage service, Kim Dotcom is offering a $13,600 to anyone who can crack the cryptography.
bead   Speak
n. small, often round piece of material, such as glass, plastic, or wood, that is pierced for stringing or threading