5th Grade Spelling Words With Definition

Grade 5: With Definition - 8
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 Grade 5: With Definition - 8
structuralspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. of, relating to, or affecting structure
a. relating to the physical makeup of a plant or animal body
sufferspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. be set at a disadvantage
v. undergo as of injuries and illnesses
suitspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a set of outer clothes made of the same fabric and designed to be worn together
v. be convenient for or acceptable to
supportspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. bear all or part of the weight of; hold up
v. produce enough food and water for someone
swordspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a cutting or thrusting weapon that has a long metal blade with a hand guard
teammatespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a fellow member of a team
Texasspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. the second largest state; located in southwestern United States on the Gulf of Mexico
therapyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. healing power or quality; treatment of illness
thermalspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. relating to or caused by heat; designed to help retain heat
thirstyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. extremely desirous, feeling a need or desire to drink
thoughtfulspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. considerate; having intellectual depth; giving close attention
thronespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. the chair of state for a monarch
v. put a monarch on the throne
titlespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. name of a book, composition, or other artistic work
toespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. any of the five digits at the end of the human foot
n. the lower end, tip, or point of something
tonguespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. organ situated in floor of mouth
touchdownspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. landing; a score in American football
toughspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. hard; difficult; feeling physical discomfort or pain
trashspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. garbage; rubbish; worthless or discarded material or objects
treatspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. provide with choice or abundant food or drink
treatmentspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. handling; something intended to relieve illness or injury
uglyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. offensive to the sight; contrary to beauty; disagreeable aspect
unfortunatespeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. not favored by fortune; resulting in ill fortune
a. unsuitable or regrettable
universespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. cosmos; everything that exists anywhere
unusualspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. unexpected, slightly odd or even a bit weird
a. not usual or common
uselessspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome
vacationspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. leisure time away from work
victoryspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. successful ending of struggle or contest; defeat of an enemy or opponent
waistspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. the part of the human body below the ribs and above the hips
wastespeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. use or expend carelessly, or to no purpose
v. fail to make full or good use of
weekendspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a time period extending from Friday night through Sunday
weeklyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. done, produced, or occurring once a week
weirdspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. queer; of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange
welcomespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. the state of being welcome
n. a greeting or reception
whateverspeak speak spelling word quiz 
conj. regardless of what
ad. used for emphasis instead of what in questions
wheatspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a cereal plant grown in temperate countries, its grain is to make flour for bread
wheneverspeak speak spelling word quiz 
conj. at whatever time;
ad. used for emphasis instead of when in questions
whereverspeak speak spelling word quiz 
conj. in every case when
ad. in or to whatever place
whirlspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. move or cause to move rapidly around and around
n. state of confusion; tumult
worryspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. cause to feel anxiety or concern
worthlessspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. lacking in usefulness or value
wreckagespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. remains of something that has been badly damaged or destroyed