5th Grade Spelling Words With Definition

Grade 5: With Definition - 7
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 Grade 5: With Definition - 7
recognizespeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. perceive the identity of; admit with a formal acknowledgment
referralspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. an act of referring someone or something for consultation
n. a person whose case has been referred to other part
relatespeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. give an account of
v. be in a relationship with
relativespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. an animal or plant that bears a relationship to another
a. considered in relation or in proportion to something else
relaxspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. make less severe or strict; become less tense
respectfullyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
ad. with deference and respect
respectivelyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
ad. separately; individually; in the order given
reunionspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. coming together again
reusespeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. use again or more than once
roughspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. not perfected; having or caused by an irregular surface
safelyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
ad. in a way that gives protection from danger or risk
salmonspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. fish that mature in the sea but migrate to freshwater streams to spawn
n. reddish yellow color, like the flesh of the salmon
seasonspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. each of the four divisions of the year: spring, summer, autumn, and winter
semesterspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. term; half a year; a period of 6 months; one of two divisions of an academic year
sensitizespeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. make sensitive to a drug or allergen
v. cause to sense; make sensitive
sentimentalspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. emotional, resulting from emotion rather than reason or realism
separationspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. action or state of moving or being moved apart
seriousspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. grave in manner or disposition
shelterspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. structure that provides privacy and protection from danger
sheriffspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. chief officer of a shire or county, to be entrusted the execution of the laws
shootspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. emit something suddenly and forcefully
shudderspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. tremble convulsively, as from fear or excitement
signalspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a sign made for the purpose of giving notice to a person
skateboardspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a board with wheels, ridden in a standing and propelled by foot
snackspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a small amount of food eaten between meals
softballspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. game closely resembling baseball, played on a smaller diamond and with a ball that is larger and softer
softenspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. make less severe or harsh, become soft or softer
softnessspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. acting in a manner that is gentle and mild
n. poor physical condition; lack of courage; weakness
somewherespeak speak spelling word quiz 
ad. at or to some place
n. an indefinite or unknown location
spotlessspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. completely neat and clean
squashspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. crush or squeeze something with force so that it becomes flat or soft
n. game played in an enclosed court by two or four players who strike the ball with long-handled rackets
stablespeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. not easily moved or disturbed
stationspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a regular stopping place on a public transportation route
n. a place or building where a specified activity or service is based
stolespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a wide scarf worn about their shoulders by women
v. (path tense) take another's stuff without permission, and don't want to return it
stomachspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. principal organ of digestion
n. an appetite for food or drink
storagespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. action or method of storing something for future use
n. space available for storing something
stormspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a violent weather condition with strong wind, thunder, and lightning