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/'glʌt(ə)n/ n.
person who eats too much food and drink
When Mother saw that Bobby had eaten all the cookies, she called him a little glutton.
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/'gɒsəmə(r)/ a.
sheer, light, delicate, or tenuous
They would laugh in gossamer tones, and then move on gracefully to someone else, sometimes moving gracefully at speeds exceeding 40 mph.
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/grɪ'gɛərɪəs/ a. Syn. sociable
sociable; seeking and enjoying the company of others
Natural selection in gregarious animals operates upon groups rather than upon individuals.
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/grɪ'meɪs/;/'grɪməs/ n.
facial distortion to show feeling such as pain, disgust
Even though he remained silent, his grimace indicated his displeasure.
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/heɪl/ n.
call for; salute; greet; praise vociferously
The US Embassy in Manila found itself under a hail of rotten fruit early today, the latest symptom of anti-American feeling reverberating across Asia in recent days.
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/hə'ræŋ/ n.
noisy speech; speech or piece of writing with strong feeling or expression
In her lengthy harangue, the principal berated the offenders.
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/'hɑrbɪndʒə(r)/ n. Syn. forerunner
forerunner; an indication of approach of something or someone
The crocus is an early harbinger of spring.
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/'hɔ:tɪ/ a.
high; lofty; bold; arrogant; overbearing
"Indeed, mama, but you can -- and will," pronounced the haughty voice of Blanche, as she turned round on the piano-stool.
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/'hi:dlɪs/ a. Syn. disregarding
unaware, without noticing; unmindful or thoughtless
He drove on, heedless of the danger warnings placed at the side of the road.
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/'heɪnəs/ a. Syn. wicked; atrocious; flagitious
grossly wicked; abominable; hateful; infamous
I'm a sincere believer that people who have engaged in heinous crimes deserve the ultimate retribution.
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/'hɛrɪsɪ/ n.
opinion contrary to popular belief; opinion contrary to accepted religion
Galileo's assertion that the earth moved around the sun directly contradicted the religious teachings of his day; as a result, he was tried for heresy.
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/haɪ'eɪtəs/ n. Syn. gap; pause
gap; interruption in duration or continuity; pause
During the summer hiatus, many students try to earn enough money to pay their tuition for the next school year.
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/hɪstrɪ'ɒnɪk/ a.
characteristic of acting or stage performance
He was proud of his histrionic ability and wanted to play the role of Hamlet.
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/hoʊks/ n. Syn. trick
act intended to deceive or trick; practical joke
Mr. Troyer said later that some of the search had been in response to a hoax - a man called the police and falsely said he was the gunman.
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/'hɒv(ə)l/;/'hɒvl/ n. Syn. shack
shack; small, wretched house
He wondered how poor people could stand living in such a hovel.
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/haɪ'pɜrbəlɪ/ n. Syn. exaggeration; overstatement
figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis; overstatement
As far as I'm concerned, Apple's claims about the new computer are pure hyperbole: no machine is that good!
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/haɪ'pɒθəsɪs/ n. Syn. assumption; theory
assumption; theory
A hypothesis is a tentative statement that proposes a possible.
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/ɪdɪə'sɪŋkrəsɪ/ n.
behavioral attribute that is distinctive and peculiar to an individual
One Richard Nixon's little idiosyncrasy was his liking for ketchup on cottage cheese.
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/'ɪgnəmɪnɪ/ n.
deep disgrace; shame or dishonor
To lose the Ping-Pong match to a trained chimpanzee! How could Rollo stand the ignominy of his defeat?.
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/ɪ'mækjʊlət/ a. Syn. spotless; flawless
spotless; flawless; absolutely clean
Chatman said her mom and dad always kept their vehicles in immaculate shape.
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