Modern appliances have become more common in the home, leaving no doubt that technological advances have improved our lifestyle

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 IELTS Academic Essay Answers - #2016
Modern appliances have become more common in the home, leaving no doubt that technological advances have improved our lifestyle. Do you agree or disagree?
Answer 1
Innovations in science and technology are changing our lives. Washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and more and more enter our homes and cause everyday life to be different from yesterday...

To begin with, these household appliances save a great deal of time and human labor, which is simply amazing...

However, modern technology cannot ensure a better lifestyle by all means; in many cases, it deteriorates our lifestyle...

We can, therefore, conclude that technology is a blessing for us, and at the same time, if we do not use it sensibly, it might be a curse for us as well...
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IELTS Essay Format:
-You should avoid using common words repeatedly, and show your grammatical range and accuracy as possible. The essay has and(13), our(7), for(6), time(5), lifestyle(5), technology(4), more(4); try to decrease duplicated words.
-High-ratio basic sight words may degrade your writing; suggest rephrasing some.
-Suggest using a few rare or uncommon words to demonstrate your vocabulary range and level.
Answer 2
The impact of innovations and inventions in our daily lives has increased dramatically. Most homes these days have, at the very least, a washing machine and a microwave, yet this has had both positive and negative effects...

Primarily, the fact that these appliances have to be paid for, serviced, repaired, and replaced means that we need to work to maintain this cycle...

In addition, an increasing number of appliances are for purposes that were not previously considered necessities...

Of course, some appliances in their basic format have improved our lifestyle simply because of the labor they save...

It can, therefore, be concluded that only by carefully considering the use and relevance of the appliances we buy can we say that they have improved our lifestyle...
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