There are so many examples to prove that attitude is as important as knowledge in a test situation

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 IELTS Academic Essay Answers - #2017
There are so many examples to prove that attitude is as important as knowledge in a test situation. Attitude can also change your situation. To what extent do you agree?
Answer 1
Students react in different ways to different pressures, but examinations and tests are a time of nervousness and panic for many people...

Candidates taking a test without understanding the subject are unlikely to do well. Without understanding what they are being asked to respond to, they are forced to rely only on common sense, presenting an answer that may be correct...

However, a counterargument can be made by considering nervous candidates with little confidence. Such people could find themselves sitting in the test but unable to organize any of their thoughts, finding that the time allotted for the test has gone before having time to write more than a few lines...

Consequently, candidates with a confident attitude and others with knowledge of the subject being tested can attain a similar grade...
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