Besides many advantages, some believe the Internet creates many problems

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 IELTS Academic Essay Answers - #2022
Besides many advantages, some believe the Internet creates many problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Answer 1
In today's society, it is universally believed that the Internet has been gaining popularity at a fantastic rate...

Those who favor that the Internet has many advantages give their reasons as follows. In the first place, it is evident that the Internet brings us great convenience and efficiency...

On the other hand, some people hold a different attitude and argue that the Internet has many weaknesses...

There is probably a little bit of truth in both arguments. For my part, I agree with the latter view that the Internet has more disadvantages than advantages...
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Answer 2
The Internet is the core of everyday life for many city guys. It changes almost every aspect of living, studying, and working of them, from entertainment to business...

First, from a positive point of view, the Internet makes communication more accessible as now people can communicate with families or relatives far away...

Otherwise, besides the goods brought by the Internet, some negatives come with it. First, porn is emerged as the Internet is developed...

To sum up, besides the positive things it brings, the Internet also causes many problems...
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