Traveling in a group with a tour guide is the best way to travel

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Traveling in a group with a tour guide is the best way to travel. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Answer 1
Nowadays, people have their preferences about how to travel. Some people prefer to travel alone, while others prefer to travel in groups with a tour guide...

First, a tour guide will let people know about the places they will visit and show the best places...

Second, traveling in a group can ensure safety. Many parts of the world are quite dangerous to travel alone...

In conclusion, although some people might agree that traveling as a group with a tour guide is not the best idea, I strongly agree that traveling in a group with a guide is the best decision regarding great information and safety...
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Answer 2
Many people like traveling. It allows you to experience differences from daily life. Some people like to travel alone to achieve peace...

First of all, traveling in a group reduces a lot of burdens, possibly related to the hesitation of going to a new place or of getting bored throughout the tour...

On the other hand, hiring a tour guide is the best use of money while traveling, because a guide knows every short detail of that visiting place and hearing to such a knowledgeable person and grasping him makes it easier to get information about that destination and also to get familiar with it...

However, some guides are fraudulent and cheat tourists coming to the country or city for the first time...

Therefore, it can be said that traveling among citizens is growing at a swift pace, and tour guides are becoming more common...
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