Some people think young people should be required to have full-time education until they are at least 18 years old. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Some people think young people should be required to have a full-time education until they are at least 18 years old. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Answer Hints:
It's a typical 'agree or disagree' topic. You can select either side to write. Notice the key word is "full-time education" and "18-year-old."

  • Full-time education before the age of 18 is accepted in many countries. It's a mainstream view and practice.
  • Teenagers' bodies and minds aren't fit to work with adults. For them, it's the right time to study.
  • For youth, school is the best place to get knowledge.
  • Out of school, children may face an unfamiliar society when they are not ready enough.
  • Part-time job before 18 can help poor children get more extended education.
  • Work is also a way to learn knowledge, not academic but still practical.
  • In working, students can get a different experience from school.
  • The missed lessons can be taken after 18, so a part-time job doesn't mean knowledge loss.
Answer 1
It is irrefutable that education is a pivotal weapon of individual life and opens the door to thousands of opportunities for them...

Undoubtedly, education brings revolutions in every person's life; it provides several chances for folks to live their lives better...

Admittedly, when every person attains education mandatory for at least eighteen years of life, it is worthwhile for every nation...

In my ideology, study has become a very crucial part of individual life. Without education, we cannot compete with other people...

To conclude, there is a number of the brighter side of education. Every nation must give people primary education...
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Answer 2
It has been noticed that in most countries, students should study until they are eighteen. In my opinion, a student must gain professional skills through study...

On the one hand, consistently learning can help students become more successful. In most countries, students must study until they are eighteen, as the government wishes to increase literacy and produce more elites...

On the other hand, whether or not access to education is a human's choice is acknowledged. Some people do not want to become elite when they get older, and most are not good at studying...

In conclusion, I believe students should at least study until eighteen as it provides a foundation for better careers...
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Answer 3
This statement says Everyone needs to study until eighteen. I entirely agree with this statement, As I think education is a fundamental right of all, and everyone should get a proper education...

Today, the world moves fast and changes every day. To keep up with the world, one must have primary education...

Till the age of Eighteen, most schools taught primary education like languages, basic science and math, and other formal subjects, which prepare students for further education...

Education is also necessary for survival. Without proper training, one would not have a good earning job...

To enumerate this essay, every child has a right to education, and no one should deny this right. With education, they can have a good job and excellent moral or ethical values...
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