Since most information about culture and history can be found online, museums and art galleries are no longer needed. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Since most information about culture and history can be found online, museums and art galleries are no longer needed. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Answer Hints:
The essay is relatively easy to write. If you disagree with it, you can list 2 or 3 points to show that museums and art galleries are still needed in the Internet age. In your essay, you should cover culture and history and mention both museums and art galleries.

  • Culture and history are not just knowledge; they are also embodied in physical items in museums and art galleries.
  • Some museums are also historical spots where we cannot feel unless in person.
  • Museums and art galleries are significant local treasures, and they provide new findings and experiences.
  • The Internet is just a way to introduce museums and art galleries and their items; it cannot replace them.
  • The Internet makes it easier to access and spread knowledge of culture and history.
  • The Internet can save money by running museums and art galleries.
  • More people can learn culture and history more cheaply.
  • It helps to build a modern and green society.
Answer 1
In today's digital era, where information is readily accessible at our fingertips, the necessity of physical museums and art galleries might be questioned...

Firstly, museums and art galleries offer a unique sensory experience that cannot be replicated virtually...

Secondly, museums and galleries serve as custodians of cultural heritage, preserving and protecting valuable artifacts and artworks for future generations...

Additionally, museums and galleries serve as educational institutions, offering curated exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, and educational programs...

Furthermore, museums and galleries contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of communities...

In conclusion, although online platforms provide convenient access to information about culture and history, museums and art galleries remain essential for their immersive experiences...
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Answer 2
In contemporary technology, the Internet provides much information about history and culture. Some people believe that people can easily find all knowledge through the wireless connection and there is no need to go to museums...

Undoubtedly, visiting the museum and historical places provides a number of merits to folks. The prominent point is that when people visit museums, they not only know about the museum's history but also gather knowledge about surrounding places...

Admittedly, museums are a crucial source of revenue for the government, so they are used in renovating and caring for old buildings...

By contrast, those who ponder that wireless connection has catered enough opportunity for people to see all museums on their mobile phones...

To conclude, there is no doubt that wireless connections provide plenty of knowledge about history...
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