Some people think hosting major international sporting events brings a lot of advantages to a country, while others believe there are more disadvantages.

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Some people think hosting major international sporting events brings a lot of advantages to a country, while others believe there are more disadvantages. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
Answer Hints:
You should discuss the two sides' views equally and give your preference. Notice that your points should focus on a country, not a city.

  • Boost a country's economy. It can stimulate construction and related industries, further contributing to economic growth.
  • It provides an opportunity to showcase a country's culture, heritage, and capabilities to millions of viewers worldwide.
  • Sports and events infrastructure can leave a lasting legacy for the host country to the overall development and modernization.
  • It generates excitement and enthusiasm in sports and physical activities and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • It can foster a sense of national pride, unity, and community engagement and create cultural exchange opportunities.
  • It requires substantial financial investment possibly resulting in long-term debt or budgetary strains.
  • It presses other social, economic, or infrastructure needs or hinders progress in critical areas that require immediate attention.
  • Sports and events infrastructure involves land acquisition and relocations, potentially affecting the quality of life for local residents.
  • Its construction of stadiums and infrastructure may require the clearing of natural habitats, leading to deforestation and loss of biodiversity.
Answer 1
Many international sports competitions are claimed to play a vital role in a country's development, while others believe it could squander the government's funds...

Proponents of this theory often claim the countless benefits of World Cups and Olympic games, which unite sports professionals and their fans under one roof...

Nevertheless, considering some valuable arguments listed above, there are plenty of examples from many countries' experiences where sports competitions led to economic depletion or became useless actions...

In conclusion, holding international competitions does not automatically lead to success but has merits and drawbacks...
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Answer 2
It is asserted that organizing sporting events has many merits for a country, while some believe it could negatively affect the country...

People who argue that holding sports competitions harms a country believe it needs a considerable amount of money, but it could also decrease citizens' security...

However, on the other hand, some believe it would be a positive point for the country. The more sporting events are held in the country, the more tourists will be attracted...

In conclusion, although some people are against holding sporting events in the country, others and I believe its benefits could expand a country's economy...
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Answer 3
Some argue that a host nation benefits by organizing various events, for instance, the FIFA World Cup, the Olympics, and other similar events...

On the one hand, fans from all around the world have a predilection for such events. As a result, many people come to support their home nation in the tournament, which boosts tourism, hotel businesses, restaurant businesses, and the economy...

On the other hand, Some people think despite the economic benefits, crowd gathering results in over-crowding in the city, an increase in the crime rate, a rise in waste products, and pollution...

To conclude, although the host nation has several economic advantages, crimes and pollution are the indispensable disadvantages...
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