Some think advertising may have positive economic effects. Others believe it has negative social effects because it reduces satisfaction. Discuss both views.

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Some people think that advertising may have positive economic effects. Others think it has negative social effects because advertising makes individuals less satisfied with what they are and have. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
Answer Hints:
By the prompt, you need to discuss both views. You can support either side. However, the "negative" view is more accessible to extend.

Ads are positive
  • Drive consumer spending
  • Showcase products and services
  • Cultivates brand awareness
  • Add employment chance
Ads are negative
  • Foster unrealistic expectations
  • Mislead consumers, cause overconsumption
  • Spread wrong product and service information
  • Brainwash the audience, prioritizing profit over everything
Answer 1
In contemporary society, advertising serves as the cornerstone of commerce, wielding immense influence over consumer behavior and market dynamics...

Proponents of advertising underscore its pivotal role in driving consumer spending, bolstering business revenue, and fueling economic expansion...

Conversely, others think that advertising engenders adverse social consequences by fostering unrealistic expectations and eroding individual contentment...

In conclusion, although advertising undoubtedly yields positive economic outcomes, its unchecked proliferation can have deleterious social ramifications by diminishing overall satisfaction levels...
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Answer 2
While some believe that advertising benefits the economy, others claim life would be better without it, as advertising frequently causes people to feel miserable...

On the one hand, advertising provides crucial information to consumers, giving them the main features and benefits of the product...

On the other hand, it is thought that many people are negatively affected by advertising, as it prompts them to measure themselves against others...

In conclusion, some people think advertising is highly beneficial to the economy, whereas others suppose it causes people to feel unsatisfied with their lives...
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Answer 3
Many people think that watching advertisements has many benefits; others believe it has many drawbacks...

On the one hand, those who say seeing advertisements has benefits can access new things. Suppose a company provides an ad on TV about their newly launched products...

On the other hand, there are many adverse effects on those who prefer to watch advertisements. First, people, especially young ones who spend more time seeing advertisements, can choose the wrong advertisements and buy things...

In conclusion, even though I concede that seeing advertisements has advantages for people, they know more about the new items quickly...
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Answer 4
It is commonly argued that product and service promotions can boost the economy significantly. In contrast, others believe that it can have a detrimental effect on people's social well-being...

People are more likely to patronize a product or service based on what is portrayed in advertisements...

On the other hand, advertising tends to cause social harm by decreasing the self-esteem of some individuals...

In summary, though advertising has benefited some people, its disadvantages outweigh its advantages...
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