In many countries, most shops and products become identical. Some people think it is a positive development, while others believe it is a negative development.

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In many countries, most shops and products become identical. Some people think it is a positive development, while others believe it is a negative development. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
Answer Hints:
You should equally present the views of the two sides. The angles are usually from consumers and producers. You can choose either side to support. But if you mention the job loss in the negative development, you should stand for this side.

Positive development
  • Convenience for consumer shopping.
  • Help shop and mall modernization and standardization.
  • Large-scale production, better quality, and lower price.
  • High efficiency, serve more people with a better life.
Negative development
  • Hurt market diversity and small and local businesses were gone.
  • Fewer choices for customers who have to give up local demands.
  • Stifle innovation in products and services.
  • Cause job losses within communities.
Answer 1
Consumers in many countries have experienced shops and products becoming identical. Some people think it is a positive development; others dislike it and believe it's a negative development for consumers and producers...

The first reason to support positive development is consumer convenience. Consumers can easily compare prices and features when products are standardized, making informed decisions quickly...

However, there are several reasons why others consider it a negative development. The first victim is small businesses struggling to compete with larger, more established chains...

I think balancing the benefits of standardization with the preservation of diversity is crucial for sustainable economic development...
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IELTS Essay Format:
-The essay is too long, try to shrink it.
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Task Response:
-You presented views from two sides of the question. The main ideas are relevant, but some are insufficiently developed. Besides, for this topic, it's easy to give an example to support your point.
Coherence and Cohesion:
-Ideas are logically organized, and the response has a clear progression.
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-The range of vocabulary is sufficient to allow some flexibility and precision, showing an awareness of styles and collocation.
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-A variety of complex structures is used with some flexibility and accuracy.