Some people think more public money should be spent on roads and motorways than public transport. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Some people think more public money should be spent on roads and motorways than public transport. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Answer Hints:
Choosing public transport should be an answer to meeting with the mainstream. So, disagreeing with the statement is more straightforward to support. If you have examples of public transport or roads, don't forget to mention them in the essay.

Disagree - Support public transport
  • More economically efficient to serve more people.
  • more environmentally friendly than roads for individual car traveling.
  • Alleviate traffic congestion and improve the city's functionality.
  • Contribute to social equity on traveling.
  • A vital resource that influences urban development.
Agree - Support Road
  • Roads and motorways serve all people, not just public transport takers.
  • Public transport also relies on the road grid.
  • Remote areas need public money to build roads.
Answer 1
I'm afraid I have to disagree with prioritizing roads and motorways over public transport. Reversely, I advocate for more public money to be spent on public transport...

At first, public transport systems can be more economically efficient than expanding road infrastructure...

In addition, public transport is often considered more environmentally friendly than individual car travel...

Last but not least, public transport helps society develop moderately and healthily. Public transport is often considered more inclusive and accessible than private car ownership, especially for those who cannot afford a car or cannot drive...

I know that the optimal transportation strategy may vary depending on the specific needs, demographics, and geography, and a balanced approach with road infrastructure and public transport development will create a comprehensive and sustainable transportation system...
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