Good education is more important for academic success than individual ability. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Good education is more important for academic success than individual ability. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Answer Hints:
You need to give your view and supporting points. Either side is ok, but "individual ability" is easy to write.

Good education
  • Students get knowledge.
  • Students get skills.
  • Build students' personalities, such as hard work, teamwork
Individual ability
  • High efficiency in learning new things
  • Smart and flexible in solving puzzles
  • Hardworking in challenges
  • Keep curiosity about unknown things
Answer 1
For some people, a student's academic success is determined by their teachers' teaching skills and dedication; others insist that a student's ability is the primary factor that decides whether they will succeed...

On the one hand, writing off a teacher's contribution to the learning process is impossible. Teachers impart knowledge...

On the other hand, a student must have a strong desire to learn and improve to get good grades. No matter how good the teacher is, if the student lacks the willingness to learn, nothing can help them...

In conclusion, education certainly has a role in the student's academic success; however, the role is not more important than the student's ability and effort...
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IELTS Essay Format:
-You should avoid using common words repeatedly, and show your grammatical range and accuracy as possible. The essay has and(12), their(8), teachers(6), they(6), good(6), education(6), students(6); try to decrease duplicated words.
-High-ratio basic sight words may degrade your writing; suggest rephrasing some.
-Suggest using a few rare or uncommon words to demonstrate your vocabulary range and level.
Task Response:
-All parts of the prompt are addressed, and a clear position is presented throughout the response. But you should notice that teaching isn't equal to education.
Coherence and Cohesion:
-A range of cohesive devices is used flexibly, while each paragraph has a clear central topic that is developed.
Lexical Resources:
-Lexis is mainly appropriate for the task, though there are some errors in word choice.