In many countries, people wear western dresses (suits, jeans) more than traditional types of clothing, why and is it a positive or negative development?

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In many countries, people wear Western dress (suits, jeans) more than traditional types of clothing. Why? Is this a positive or negative development?
Answer Hints:
The question has two parts: the cause and your opinion about positive or negative. In the first part, you should mention suits and jeans. It's better to discuss them separately. For traditional clothes, you should have a simple comment. For the second part, you can choose either side.

  • Globalization helps Western stuff go over the world, like values and culture.
  • Local people have accepted suits and jeans for generations, not taking them as aliens.
  • Local people can still access traditional clothes on demand and keep the original cultural elements.
Positive development
  • Enjoy fashion, practical, and cheap clothes.
  • Decrease dress conflict in multi-culture.
  • Good to people in all countries in co-existing together.
Negative development
  • Fewer people will wear traditional clothes in everyday cases.
  • Local clothes businesses will be hurt.
  • All countries, including England and France, will see traditional clothes culture disappear unless protecting them actively.
Answer 1
Considering globalization, people nowadays prefer Western-style dresses, such as suits and jeans, rather than conventional...

Globalization doesn't impact each other equally. Because Western dominate many aspects of the current world, like sports, arts, fashion, and media...

Not everyone thinks the trend is acceptable, but I think it is positive. The truth about suits and jeans being popular is they are convenient, practical, and cheap...

In conclusion, globalization of our age is the root of the suits and jeans popular. We should accept and enjoy them positively as a modern culture, not just as Western-style dressing...
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-High-ratio basic sight words may degrade your writing; suggest rephrasing some.
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Task Response:
-All parts of the prompt are addressed, and a clear position is presented throughout the response, but the disadvantages of traditional clothing are not mentioned.
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-Ideas are generally arranged coherently, and there is a clear overall progression.
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-The range of vocabulary is quite broad and shows awareness of collocation.
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