By Pacific Lava

SAT Vocabulary Spelling Test

Writing is an important part in SAT test. When writing essay, you have to use a decent vocabulary to express your idea correctly and exactly. Don't like words in reading materials, know them is enough. In writing test, if you are pursuing high score to apply good or top universities, you have to spell quick and right. Because there are lots of spelling-check software hosted in mainstream editors, and students are used to rely on computer to write homework, the spelling ability of students is actually down in recent decades. However, you cannot use any auto spelling check/correct tool in SAT writing test, so when you prepare SAT writing words, you must practice how to spell them.

For all SAT word lists in this website, we provides spelling online exercise for each word. These exercises are implemented in plain and straight way, and are easy to learn. Although all SAT lists of this web site have own spelling exercise, we suggest you focus on words that are for writing test, it should be a relatively small vocabulary, because many SAT words are for reading test and you actually don't need to spell them in test.

At first, we recommend 100 Most Common SAT Vocabulary. This list is very short and words are frequently used writing. It's a SAT list you had better can spell fully. For its spelling test, you have multiple hints, such as pronounce, definition, and example sentence.
Another list is 200 SAT Words with Sentences. It's a small and essential vocabulary for SAT writing test. Its spelling test includes multiple language elements: pronounce, explanation, and sentence.
If you pass the spelling test of previous 2 short SAT lists very easily, you may do more practice for larger chance to get a better mark in SAT test. So, please try spelling practice for 300 Common SAT Words, this is a relative difficult word list. In fact, you don't need to spell all of them, because these words are common in test but not common in daily. So for many students half or more of the vocabulary are new words. If your score is more than 60%, you should have full confidence in writing test.

300 Common SAT Words' spelling sheet.
Hard SAT Word List is of 500 difficult SAT words. You may challenge it if your SAT vocabulary is very strong.Its spelling exercise shows you pronounce, synonym, definition, and example; and expects your filling in a right WORD in blank. Because this list is quite hard, just practice your best, leave blank for unknown words.

Hard SAT Word List's spelling sheet.
If you are ESL students, you will have extra pain in preparing SAT vocabulary. When spelling test, you may want to connect native language's definition to new SAT word. In some SAT lists, we offers definitions in 20 languages. If your first language is in the 20 languages, after you select native language, the spelling exercises will show definitions of your first language with English definitions together. As an example, We still use Hard SAT Word List; and show spelling exercise links with Chinese definitions, you can get there by clicking links, change to your own language, and then refresh pages. You can see own native language definitions are shown on spelling exercise cards.

Hard SAT Word List's spelling sheet with Chinese.