In many countries, people now wear Western-style dresses such as suits and jeans rather than traditional clothing. Why? Is this a positive or negative development?

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In many countries, people now wear Western-style dresses such as suits and jeans rather than traditional clothing. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?
Answer Hints:
The essay needs to answer two questions: the reason and the development. You should also discuss the suits and jeans separately to match the problem precisely. Taking a global and positive view helps to finish the writing fluently.

  • Clothing is a part of culture. Western-style dresses being popular is the result of Western culture globalized.
  • Suits are simpler than much traditional clothing, but diverse in colors and style, more adoptable.
  • Jeans are durable and usable, fit for modern work and life, especially for youth.
  • Traditional clothing still exists widely in various local communities but is losing its market because of popularity loss.
Positive Development
  • Cultural exchange promotes understanding of each other. Western-style dresses are a cultural bridge to link the world.
  • Suits and jeans are relatively simple, practical, and functional. They can save the cost of wearing and help more people in decent dresses.
  • Western-style dresses have a chance to build global brands that help to develop new clothing science and technology.
Answer 1
Wearing fashionable clothes originated in Western Europe and the US and has become a trend in many other nations...

The western suit and jeans are practical and convenient for modern life. These clothes are suitable for daily use at workplaces or routines in shopping and walking around in cities...

One reason is that these clothes can diminish a nation's cultural identity. The clothes reflect the historical evolution of the countries that carry social and traditional themes of people...

Another reason that jeans and suits may create between social sectors. Some branded jeans and suits are costly and only affordable for rich people, while poorer people feel excluded, as these clothes are solely available for people with money...

In conclusion, I have to admit that wearing stylish jeans is trending and unavoidable. Nevertheless, I consider this a negative development for the drawbacks of non-western nations' cultural identity and a large sector of society and should be self-controlled by people...
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Answer 2
In several nations, people prefer wearing Western clothes like suits and jeans rather than clothes belonging to their culture...

Their convenience is the main reason for wearing Western outerwear rather than traditional clothes...

Despite the above advantages, wearing Western clothes instead of one's cultural clothes negatively impacts local cultures...

In conclusion, western-style clothes are preferred due to their ease of use. However, traditional garments are equally essential to keep local cultures alive...
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Answer 3
Western-style clothes are increasingly prevalent today because of the dominant Western culture and lifestyle...

The export of Western language, culture, and life patterns contributes to the popularity of Western customs...

In contrast, western-style clothes replace traditional customs and determine local cultures. Ethnic custom is a name card for a culture that bears the ancestors' memories and characteristics...

In conclusion, Western countries' rapid development and leading roles in globalization in the early years enable their customs to become exceedingly popular in other countries...
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