1st Grade Spelling Words With Example

Grade 1: With Example - 2
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 Grade 1: With Example - 2
throughspeak speak spelling 
Break through.
Run through the way.
Through the eyes of a child.
linespeak speak spelling 
Cross the line.
Step out of the line.
Bottom line.
meansspeak speak spelling 
Means of exit.
Yes means yes.
When I text you, it means I miss you.
samespeak speak spelling 
Same team.
On the same page.
Under the same sun.
followspeak speak spelling 
Follow up.
Follow your dreams.
Follow us and like us.
alsospeak speak spelling 
They also did it.
You may also like it.
Life is too short, also too long.
formspeak speak spelling 
Work form.
Fill a form.
Order form.
setspeak speak spelling 
Set your goals.
A set of cards.
TV set.
endspeak speak spelling 
This is the end.
End of the story.
The west end.
anotherspeak speak spelling 
Another boy.
Tomorrow is another chance.
Another day, another dream.
largespeak speak spelling 
Large apple.
At large.
Between large and small.
evenspeak speak spelling 
Even better.
I don't even know.
Right is right, even if no one does it.
suchspeak speak spelling 
No such thing.
It's such a beautiful day.
You are such a nice friend.
turnspeak speak spelling 
Turn right.
It's our turn.
Turn it on.
needspeak speak spelling 
Need help?
We need you!
Take what you need.
landspeak speak spelling 
Free land.
From sea to land.
The land of the joy.
differentspeak speak spelling 
Dare to be different.
Do it first or different.
Different is beautiful.
movespeak speak spelling 
Make a move.
Let's move!
Move on, just turn the page.
spellspeak speak spelling 
Spell check.
Learn to spell.
How do you spell?
airspeak speak spelling 
Air is needed for life.
Give me the fresh air.
A breath of fresh air.
animalspeak speak spelling 
Wild animal.
Animal photos.
We understand an animal from its eyes.
pointspeak speak spelling 
U turn point.
What is the point?
It's better to prove your point.
pagespeak speak spelling 
Page title.
On the same page.
The blank page gives us the right to dream.
answerspeak speak spelling 
Get the answer.
The right answer is here.
Answer me.
studyspeak speak spelling 
Study time.
Study hard.
School is a place to study.
stillspeak speak spelling 
You are still the one.
I still care.
I'm still waiting for you.
shouldspeak speak spelling 
You should speak loudly.
Should I stay?
Food should taste good.
Americaspeak speak spelling 
Made in America.
North America.
Voices of America.
worldspeak speak spelling 
The best father of world.
The real world.
World news.
highspeak speak spelling 
High school.
Fly high.
I'm so high.
nearspeak speak spelling 
I like being near you.
Christmas is near.
Have no fear, God is near.
addspeak speak spelling 
Add me.
Add value to everyday.
To add what we can to life.
foodspeak speak spelling 
Food for health.
Food banks.
Food should taste good.
betweenspeak speak spelling 
Between large and small.
Between you and me.
The spaces between your fingers.
belowspeak speak spelling 
Below zero.
Below the line.
The boat is below the bridge.
countryspeak speak spelling 
Country music.
The best of country.
The country has millions of children.
plantspeak speak spelling 
Plant a tree.
You can plant a dream.
Plant smile, grow laughter.