1st Grade Spelling Words With Example

Grade 1: With Example - 1
This is 1st Grade spelling vocabulary (1) and examples. To help study and review these words, the vocabulary integrates training tools. E.g., online spelling practice are available for each word in Grade 1.
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 Grade 1: With Example - 1
changespeak speak spelling 
Time for change.
Climate change.
Change ahead.
latespeak speak spelling 
You are late.
It's not too late.
Better late than never, but never late is better.
learnspeak speak spelling 
Learn to run.
Learn English.
You can learn everything.
morningspeak speak spelling 
Good morning.
Morning show.
I will be there in the morning.
motherspeak speak spelling 
Happy mother's day!
Dear mother, I love you!
I have a great mother.
nightspeak speak spelling 
Good night.
Halloween night.
We used to sleep at night.
paperspeak speak spelling 
White paper.
Write your name on the paper.
It's a paper bag.
partyspeak speak spelling 
Let's party.
It's party time.
Dance party.
picturespeak speak spelling 
I need a bigger picture there.
Picture your future.
Sorry, no picture available.
pressspeak speak spelling 
Press the red bottom.
News press.
Press release.
rabbitspeak speak spelling 
Gray rabbit.
Can you look after my rabbit?
Down the rabbit hole.
realspeak speak spelling 
Keep it real.
The real world.
We all are in real life.
Santa Clausspeak speak spelling 
Santa Claus office.
Santa Claus will receive lots of letters.
Santa Claus is usually in red.
schoolspeak speak spelling 
Welcome back to school.
School bus.
I learn French after school.
squirrelspeak speak spelling 
A nice funny squirrel.
Squirrel usually isn't pet.
We take many photos for this squirrel.
storyspeak speak spelling 
Tell your new story.
What's your story?
The children buy a story book and share it.
waterspeak speak spelling 
Water way.
No one can live without water.
Water cycle explains how rain is made.
windspeak speak spelling 
Wind is air in motion.
Wind energy.
High wind warning.
windowspeak speak spelling 
Escape window.
They like to open window in summer.
The room has no window.
woodspeak speak spelling 
Wood texture.
Paint on wood.
We build fence with wood.
wordsspeak speak spelling 
New words.
Use your words.
Words have power.
eachspeak speak spelling 
Each one.
Each of us.
Each mind matters.
otherspeak speak spelling 
Other ways.
Each other.
On the other hand.
morespeak speak spelling 
Read more.
Tell me more.
One more thing.
numberspeak speak spelling 
Number one.
Lucky number.
Phone number.
peoplespeak speak spelling 
Free people.
USA people.
All the people.
thanspeak speak spelling 
Better than you.
More than you know.
Better than bigger.
calledspeak speak spelling 
I am called.
Called to serve.
Called by God.
oilspeak speak spelling 
Fish oil.
Oil price.
Cooking oil.
partspeak speak spelling 
Part time.
Take part.
Play your part.
soundspeak speak spelling 
Sound of music.
Soft sound.
Words to make you sound smart.
placespeak speak spelling 
Beautiful place.
Park place.
Right place at the right time.
yearsspeak speak spelling 
Five years old.
Early Years Centre.
My school years.
mostspeak speak spelling 
Most wanted.
The most common words.
This is the most important job.
thingsspeak speak spelling 
Good things.
Do more things.
It's the little things.
sentencespeak speak spelling 
Next sentence.
Simple sentence.
Don't read this sentence.
greatspeak speak spelling 
Great job!
Look great!
You are great!