1st Grade Spelling Words With Example

Grade 1: With Example - 6
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 Grade 1: With Example - 6
campspeak speak spelling 
Summer camp.
The travelers set up a camp on the river bank.
If there is nowhere to stay, we'll camp out.
bandspeak speak spelling 
A band of gray hair.
Put a rubber band round these books.
The band was playing old Beatles songs.
brandspeak speak spelling 
A brand new car.
What brand of soap do you like?
You pay less for the store brand.
divespeak speak spelling 
I can dive under the water.
Unlike some birds, it does not dive vertically.
Let's dive in,supper is ready.
drivespeak speak spelling 
Shall we drive or go by train?
In Britain cars drive on the left.
Drive your business, do not let it drive you.
sickspeak speak spelling 
The sick boy.
I was sick.
The sick man picked at the blanket.
wokespeak speak spelling 
I woke up at six this morning.
The chime of the clock woke me.
The child woke three times during the night.
packspeak speak spelling 
It's time to pack away your toys.
The soldier carried a pack on his.
Pick a card from the pack.
kickspeak speak spelling 
England won the toss and chose to kick off.
Don't kick the ball into the road.
It's getting late, I must kick off now.
baconspeak speak spelling 
Bacon sandwich.
We had bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Grill the bacon until crisp.
atticspeak speak spelling 
You'll find a dusty attic.
These stairs will take you up to the attic.
There's a trapdoor into the attic.
stuckspeak speak spelling 
The paper is stuck to my finger.
I'm stuck in the mud!
She got the key stuck in the lock.
breakspeak speak spelling 
Don't break in when he is talking.
Without hope, the heart would break.
You should not break the law.
gradespeak speak spelling 
Billy is in the first grade.
He got a grade A in maths.
Grade A potatoes are the best in quality.
standspeak speak spelling 
Stand upright.
Friendship cannot stand always on one side.
Oaks may fall when reeds stand the storm.
sweetspeak speak spelling 
Sweet fruit.
Honey is sweet.
Do you like your tea sweet?
bravespeak speak spelling 
Brave man.
Fortune favours the brave.
It was brave of you to speak in front of them.
swingspeak speak spelling 
A new swing in the playground.
Let your arms swing as you walk
The game could swing either way.
bumpspeak speak spelling 
A loud bump.
He got a bump on the head.
They will probably bump you off!
deskspeak speak spelling 
Reception desk.
He's not at his desk right now.
There are two pens on the desk.
campgroundspeak speak spelling 
Lakeside campground.
The rain would turn their campground to mud.
The campground has a swimming pool.
elephantspeak speak spelling 
African elephant.
Many straws may bind an elephant.
The elephant smashed through the trees.
forestspeak speak spelling 
A spark started the forest fire.
She lived on the edge of the forest.
The forest looked cool and shady.
presentsspeak speak spelling 
Christmas presents.
The girl has taped up the presents.
The kids hurried to open their presents.
unlessspeak speak spelling 
Don't call me unless its a real emergency.
I will close it unless you give the password.
Unless a check is signed, it is invalid.
wetspeak speak spelling 
My bike got wet in the rain.
The road was wet and slippery.
The grass is wet with dew.
dressspeak speak spelling 
I will wear this dress if you like it.
That dress looks good on you.
Some guests like to dress for supper.
enginespeak speak spelling 
This car has a new engine.
The engine is overheating.
Press this button to start the engine.
spendspeak speak spelling 
He wants to spend more time with family.
I intend to spend the night there.
She would rather spend than save.
lettucespeak speak spelling 
Lettuce salad.
Buy a lettuce and some tomatoes.
Wash the lettuce and tear into pieces.
satspeak speak spelling 
He went and sat beside her.
She sat in the corner.
The books sat unread on the shelf for years.
jobspeak speak spelling 
If a job is worth doing it is worth doing well.
You can control your job.
He's trying to get a job.
rockspeak speak spelling 
The ice is as hard as rock.
Solid rock is broken down by weathering.
This drill can bore through rock.
badspeak speak spelling 
Behind bad luck comes good luck.
It is better to be alone than in bad company.
A bad workman quarrels with his tools.
vanspeak speak spelling 
They loaded up the van.
We hired a van for transport.
He pulled the van to the right.
sadspeak speak spelling 
This music always makes me sad.
We all felt sad about the accident.
I've just received some very sad news.
spotspeak speak spelling 
The bird has a red spot on its beak.
There's a vehicle in our blind spot.
He arrested the thief on the spot.