1st Grade Spelling Words With Example

Grade 1: With Example - 3
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 Grade 1: With Example - 3
lastspeak speak spelling 
Last day.
The last of us.
Last but not least.
cityspeak speak spelling 
City hall.
Summer in the city.
City that works, city that moves.
earthspeak speak spelling 
Happy earth day!
Save the earth.
Friends of the earth.
eyesspeak speak spelling 
Look into my eyes.
Through the eyes of a child.
The cat has blue eyes.
thoughtspeak speak spelling 
In deep thought.
The second thought is often better.
The five rules of thought.
leftspeak speak spelling 
Must turn left.
Left or right?
Keep left, carry on.
fewspeak speak spelling 
One of a few.
A few of my favorite things
Love all, trust a few.
whilespeak speak spelling 
While you sleep I watch you.
Once in a while.
Don't text while driving.
alongspeak speak spelling 
Sing along.
Being along for the ride.
I just play along with you.
mightspeak speak spelling 
It might be Christmas.
You might be from New York.
You might catch your dream.
closespeak speak spelling 
Close the door.
We are so close.
Live close, visit often.
somethingspeak speak spelling 
Do something!
I see something special.
Something you said.
seemspeak speak spelling 
Things are not as they seem.
Be as you wish to seem.
You seem so far away.
nextspeak speak spelling 
The next Sunday.
Who is next?
Be open to whatever comes next.
hardspeak speak spelling 
Hard work.
Try hard enough.
It's so hard.
examplespeak speak spelling 
Just another example.
This is an example.
Listen to example.
beginspeak speak spelling 
Begin again.
Let's begin.
Today I begin a new life.
lifespeak speak spelling 
We all are in real life.
Paint your life.
To add what we can to life.
groupspeak speak spelling 
Small group.
Welcome to the group.
These girls belong to the same group.
oftenspeak speak spelling 
Smile often.
Wash hands often.
Live close, visit often.
importantspeak speak spelling 
Important to know.
Important dates.
This is the very important job.
untilspeak speak spelling 
Until the end.
Until tomorrow.
It always seems impossible until it's done.
sidespeak speak spelling 
Another side.
The dark side.
I'll be fine if you stay by my side.
milespeak speak spelling 
One mile to go.
Walk a mile.
Go the extra mile.
seaspeak speak spelling 
Song of the sea.
From sea to land.
Sea around us.
beganspeak speak spelling 
The night this all began.
Go back to where it began.
It was over before it began.
tookspeak speak spelling 
You took me by surprise.
Took away my heart.
I was given a chance and I took it.
riverspeak speak spelling 
Amazon River.
The water in a river.
No river can return to its source.
statespeak speak spelling 
State university.
Your natural state is joy.
Alaska is an unusual state.
bookspeak speak spelling 
New book.
The boy buys a story book.
This is an English book for children.
hearspeak speak spelling 
Now hear this.
I would like to hear it.
Trust what you see, not what you hear.
withoutspeak speak spelling 
Within or without.
No one can live without water.
Everything goes on with or without you.
secondspeak speak spelling 
The second choice.
Every second is a chance to turn around.
The best gift is a second chance.
missspeak speak spelling 
Miss England
Miss the bus.
I miss you so much.
ideaspeak speak spelling 
Big idea.
Tell us your idea.
An idea can change your life.
enoughspeak speak spelling 
Try hard enough.
More than enough.
It's enough for me.
facespeak speak spelling 
Happy face.
Turn your face to the sun.
Beauty is in the heart, not in the face.