1st Grade Spelling Words With Example

Grade 1: With Example - 5
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 Grade 1: With Example - 5
notespeak speak spelling 
A short note.
Please note my address.
I'll take a note of your name.
friendspeak speak spelling 
A good friend.
A true friend is for ever a friend.
If you are brave, you are your greatest friend.
kitespeak speak spelling 
Fly kite.
He'll make a kite for me.
They watched the kite fall back.
teacherspeak speak spelling 
The best teacher.
The teacher told the children to stop chattering.
We all like having you as our teacher.
kittenspeak speak spelling 
A tiny kitten.
The cat picked up the kitten.
The kitten uses that box as a bed.
frogspeak speak spelling 
A green frog.
A frog leaped out.
The witch changed the prince into a frog.
puppyspeak speak spelling 
Young puppy.
What a cute puppy!
The new puppy strayed from room to room.
petspeak speak spelling 
His pet dog.
I want a cat as a pet.
Benny is a pet name for the rabbit.
classspeak speak spelling 
The cleverest boy in the class.
She was in a class of thirty members.
The class teacher called the register.
clayspeak speak spelling 
The clay Buddha.
He shaped a pot out of the clay.
The workers burned clay to bricks.
sledspeak speak spelling 
A dog sled.
He was riding the sled.
The sled is big enough for three children.
slipspeak speak spelling 
Slip out the room unseen.
This shoe is apt to slip.
Let me slip into something more comfortable.
starspeak speak spelling 
A famous movie star.
Sirius is the brightest star in the sky.
She will become a pop star.
stepspeak speak spelling 
The longest journey starts with a single step.
The first step is as good as half over.
Step by step the ladder is ascended.
slowspeak speak spelling 
A slow walker.
Slow and steady wins the race.
God’s mill grinds slow but sure.
trainspeak speak spelling 
Express train.
A ticket for a temporary train.
This train conveys passengers to London.
freespeak speak spelling 
Free Way.
The best things in life are free.
I have a lot of free time today.
fryspeak speak spelling 
We shall fry in this hot sun.
Fry the onions until they soften.
The ground was hot enough to fry an egg on.
grandmaspeak speak spelling 
Give your old Grandma a kiss.
Grandma lives in an old cottage.
Times have changed since Grandma was young.
sendspeak speak spelling 
Let's send out for a pizza.
Send me an email when you have any news.
I'll send jack a photo of Sammy.
lostspeak speak spelling 
Lost time is never found again.
A kind word is never lost.
Money is often lost for want of money.
momspeak speak spelling 
She lives with her mom and dad.
Thanks for being such a good mom.
My mom says I have to stay home tonight.
dadspeak speak spelling 
My dad loves to go fishing.
Dad and I had a good laugh over it.
Dad was clearing up in the kitchen.
chinspeak speak spelling 
Keep your chin up.
His chin rose in a proud gesture.
I nicked my chin while shaving.
restspeak speak spelling 
Take a rest.
Let him alone, he needs a rest.
He lived here with his family for the rest of his life.
beachspeak speak spelling 
A walk along the beach.
He lay on the beach.
The house is clearly visible from the beach.
storespeak speak spelling 
Apple store.
The store will reopen.
How do I get to the shoe store?
parkspeak speak spelling 
The students often picnic at the park.
The park was filled with people.
Is it all right to park my car there?
outsidespeak speak spelling 
She's outside.
It's too cold to go outside!
Take your boots off outside if they're muddy.
yardspeak speak spelling 
The back yard.
There is a small pond in his yard.
Give him an inch and he'll take a yard.
payspeak speak spelling 
I must pay away the bill.
People used to pay in gold.
To pay a person in his own way.
fortspeak speak spelling 
The old Dutch fort.
The forces managed to hold the fort.
He made a decision to leave the fort.
springspeak speak spelling 
Spring is coming.
Nature is at its best in spring.
If winter comes, can spring be far behind?
fatspeak speak spelling 
People should eat much less fat.
Fat hens lay few eggs.
I fry potatoes in hot fat with a bit of onion.
flatspeak speak spelling 
The land was flat.
I invited him back to my flat for a coffee.
I got a flat tyre soon after setting off.
bendspeak speak spelling 
There's a sharp bend ahead.
It's hard to bend an iron bar.
She can't bend him to her will.
capspeak speak spelling 
Baseball cap.
If the cap fits, wear it.
Put the cap back on the bottle.