1st Grade Sight Words Quiz Card

Grade 1: Quiz Card - 1
Spelling quiz cards for all 1st Grade sight words (1). You will spell words by hints of either pronunciation or explanation. You may listen repeatedly and guess uncertain letters.The smart and interactive tool can evaluate your spelling performance and also run as online spelling test app. It's a handy tool to improve spelling skill.
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 Grade 1: Quiz Card - 1
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read [Esc]  
Read more.
Tell me more.
One more thing.

Spelling Word: more
read [Esc]  
Other ways.
Each other.
On the other hand.

Spelling Word: other
read [Esc]  
Better than you.
More than you know.
Better than bigger.

Spelling Word: than
read [Esc]  
You should speak loudly.
Should I stay?
Food should taste good.

Spelling Word: should
read [Esc]  
No such thing.
It's such a beautiful day.
You are such a nice friend.

Spelling Word: such
read [Esc]  
Great job!
Look great!
You are great!

Spelling Word: great
read [Esc]  
Most wanted.
The most common words.
This is the most important job.

Spelling Word: most
read [Esc]  
We all are in real life.
Paint your life.
To add what we can to life.

Spelling Word: life
read [Esc]  
Within or without.
No one can live without water.
Everything goes on with or without you.

Spelling Word: without
read [Esc]  
Break through.
Run through the way.
Through the eyes of a child.

Spelling Word: through
read [Esc]  
I like being near you.
Being different isn't a bad thing.
I am a human being.

Spelling Word: being
read [Esc]  
It might be Christmas.
You might be from New York.
You might catch your dream.

Spelling Word: might
read [Esc]  
Even better.
I don't even know.
Right is right, even if no one does it.

Spelling Word: even
read [Esc]  
Free people.
USA people.
All the people.

Spelling Word: people
read [Esc]  
Same team.
On the same page.
Under the same sun.

Spelling Word: same
read [Esc]  
Last day.
The last of us.
Last but not least.

Spelling Word: last
read [Esc]  
In deep thought.
The second thought is often better.
The five rules of thought.

Spelling Word: thought
read [Esc]  
Look into my eyes.
Through the eyes of a child.
The cat has blue eyes.

Spelling Word: eyes
read [Esc]  
You are still the one.
I still care.
I'm still waiting for you.

Spelling Word: still
read [Esc]  
Beautiful place.
Park place.
Right place at the right time.

Spelling Word: place
read [Esc]  
While you sleep I watch you.
Once in a while.
Don't text while driving.

Spelling Word: while
read [Esc]  
They also did it.
You may also like it.
Life is too short, also too long.

Spelling Word: also
read [Esc]  
Forever young.
We are only young once.
The music is for the very young.

Spelling Word: young
read [Esc]  
Good things.
Do more things.
It's the little things.

Spelling Word: things
read [Esc]  
Five years old.
Early Years Centre.
My school years.

Spelling Word: years
read [Esc]  
Happy face.
Turn your face to the sun.
Beauty is in the heart, not in the face.

Spelling Word: face
read [Esc]  
Another boy.
Tomorrow is another chance.
Another day, another dream.

Spelling Word: another
read [Esc]  
Must turn left.
Left or right?
Keep left, carry on.

Spelling Word: left
read [Esc]  
Part time.
Take part.
Play your part.

Spelling Word: part
read [Esc]  
The best father of world.
The real world.
World news.

Spelling Word: world
read [Esc]  
You took me by surprise.
Took away my heart.
I was given a chance and I took it.

Spelling Word: took
read [Esc]  
Good night.
Halloween night.
We used to sleep at night.

Spelling Word: night
read [Esc]  
Each one.
Each of us.
Each mind matters.

Spelling Word: each
read [Esc]  
Between large and small.
Between you and me.
The spaces between your fingers.

Spelling Word: between
read [Esc]  
Never mind.
A healthy mind is in a healthy body.
Nothing is impossible to willing mind.

Spelling Word: mind
read [Esc]  
One of a few.
A few of my favorite things
Love all, trust a few.

Spelling Word: few
read [Esc]  
I am called.
Called to serve.
Called by God.

Spelling Word: called