By Pacific Lava

Make ACT Vocabulary Flashcards

Is there an easier and quicker way to study new words? You may hear diverse answers. If you are student and have experience of building vocabulary, you may answer to this question confidently. However, in a narrow time frame to prepare ACT test the available options aren't so many. Flashcard is one of them. As a matter of fact, flashcard is one of the most popular English training tools. Some students used to flip them since in kindergarten. They know how to build vocabulary by flashcard and trust its efficiency. Because the ACT test day is near, to improve vocabulary rapidly, a familiar, handy, and proven method seems a straight answer to choose.

The next step is to get a set of ACT flashcard. It sounds simple. But after search from either internet or book store, you will agree that getting right contents is much more difficult than getting right method, at least in this case. You can get ACT flashcards somewhere; however, the difficult thing is to get a set of ACT flashcards that exactly matches with your circumstance. If including too many known words, it will waste your time; if too rare or too hard, you probably will miss some words that are more often in ACT test papers. Everyone has own vocabulary. For students of grade 12, the differences among their vocabularies are very huge. So to find out an available ACT flashcard set that is perfectly met with your requirement looks like mission impossible except few lucky guys.

If you are lucky, some available ACT word flashcards may match with your level, not exactly but 70% is quite good. It will save you much time. If no luck and you still want to build vocabulary through flash cards, we show you a solution here to make and print own flashcard based on ACT word lists of this website.

We offer 2 flashcard templates for all ACT word list in this website. So produce and print customized ACT flashcard is just a job of as click button. If printer and paper are ready, technically 10 seconds are enough to print out first flashcard. Now you can print flashcard by two common flashcard templates: single side and double sides. Single side means all contents are in same side, double side's flashcard print word and definition on different sides.

At first, you should choose ACT word list, and then navigate to a group of the list. Then you can see two buttons: Card and Card-2, which print single side and double sides flashcard respectively. The two buttons will bring you to enter real ACT flashcard page where flashcards are ready. As long as you ensure they are what you need, just click Print button, your printer will do the rest things. Each Print is limited to one A4 page that has same contents as you see from webpage, which hosts either 5 flashcards for double sides or 10 flashcards for single side.

Because a group usually has more than 100 words, its flashcards are certainly hosted on multiple pages. Each flashcard page has a Page Selector that helps to switch among same group, by which you can jump to any page and then decide print it or not.

At first, we take ACT Writing Words as example to show how to print flashcard. This list has 4 groups; we use group 1 to demo flashcard web pages. For single side flashcard, the group has 30 pages; and for double sides, it has 59 pages. we show links for them respectively.
ACT test takers try to customize flashcards with diverse requirements. To make things flexible as possible, we provide multiple ACT word lists; and each of them can be used as foundation to print flashcard, like ACT Writing Words.

For example, ESL ACT Vocabulary is very popular in non-English speakers. This list offers pronounce, synonym, English definition, and additional 20 languages' definition. It means that ESL students possibly can include explanations of mother language in flashcards. This list has 4 groups. their double sides flashcard pages is as following. They all point to first page in group. Page selector can help to move to other pages among same group. Card button navigates to single side flashcard page.

We show links with definitions of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic. After the flashcard web pages are opened, you can switch to other languages by Language selector too.

ESL ACT Vocabulary Flashcard with Chinese.