By Pacific Lava

ACT Vocabulary Online Questions

More and more student used to prepare ACT test online. We especially recommend to build ACT words with online tools, like interactive single choice quiz. Powered by internet and computer, online questions will maximize study efficiency. ACT isn't just vocabulary test, even not just English test. Why do we focus on vocabulary and its online practice? The answer is in ACT examination itself.

ACT isn't English test in nature. It is for USA universities and colleges admission application. Its score may impact whether a prospective student to be accepted or refused. However, this test is indeed strongly related to English of test takers. Three of ACT test sections are actually for English skill. If you want to improve ACT mark, it is a key job to improve your English skill.

Vocabulary is the core of any language. If you want to up your English level, the essential way is to up your vocabulary size. As for ACT test, road map is as same. If your ACT vocabulary is weak, you only have chance to get a low score according to vocabulary level. This is why many 12th grade students are trying to enrich vocabulary before ACT test day. The ACT vocabulary is a key factor in the whole test; and a strongt ACT vocabulary will be an important asset in the whole ACT test.

Now that we know ACT vocabulary play a key role in test, the next problem is how to prepare it. There are many methods, students usually have own preferences. ACT vocabulary exercise is one common way. To support ACT vocabulary exercise online, we developed a special functionality, called Match, for all ACT word lists of this web site. Basically, Match is single choice practice, and it's a very common and traditional language training method. In our case, it is presented as online question. It’s so-called ACT vocabulary question online, a flexible way to review known words, learn new words, and evaluate vocabulary level and progress.

We should state here that these ACT vocabulary questions are just for study and review words, not to mock real ACT test., so don't misunderstand these questions as ACT samples.

In general, ACT vocabulary question is built-in for all ACT word lists. You can launch it through Match button of any word list pages. To demonstrate how it works, We take ACT Writing Words as example. It has 4 groups.

Online question: ACT Writing Words
If you think ACT Writing Words is too easy for single choice questions. You may consider work with full size word list: 3500 ACT Vocabulary. It may evaluate your ACT vocabulary preparation quickly. The list consists of 12 groups. We show links of first 4 groups.

Online question: 3500 ACT Vocabulary

Now some non-English speakers also take part in ACT test to apply for universities or colleges of USA. Most of them used to learn English words by mother language. ESL ACT Vocabulary is compiled for them, in which there are 20 other languages's definitions available to select. If your mother language is one of the 20 languages, you can create ACT vocabulary questions with bilingual definitions.

We show total 4 groups' links of ESL ACT Vocabulary, which include definitions of Chinese and Russian respectively.

Online question: ESL ACT Vocabulary, option is combined by Chinese definition .

Online question: ESL ACT Vocabulary, option is combined by Russia definition.