Kindergarten Spelling Words With Example

Kindergarten: With Example - 2
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 Kindergarten: With Example - 2
wherespeak speak spelling 
Where are you from?
Where to buy?
Where is my dog?
yellowspeak speak spelling 
Yellow pages.
Big yellow duck.
Yellow rose.
youspeak speak spelling 
You are the best.
Who are you?
Thank you.
bedspeak speak spelling 
Go to bed.
Small bed.
Double bed size.
boxspeak speak spelling 
Tool box.
Mail box.
Donation box.
boyspeak speak spelling 
Big boy.
Cool boy.
Game for boy.
carspeak speak spelling 
Police car.
Used car.
New car for sale.
catspeak speak spelling 
White cat.
She has a small cat.
Is it a cat?
cowspeak speak spelling 
Fat cow.
Cow milk.
It's a strong cow.
dayspeak speak spelling 
Have a nice day.
Day and night.
Family day.
dogspeak speak spelling 
Life is better with a dog.
Beware of dog.
I love my dog.
eggspeak speak spelling 
Easter egg.
A good egg.
Egg free food.
eyespeak speak spelling 
Brown eye.
Keep an eye on.
You are in my eye.
legspeak speak spelling 
Long leg.
Break a leg.
His leg hurts.
manspeak speak spelling 
Old man.
Iron man.
The best man.
menspeak speak spelling 
A big hello to all men.
Hero of real men.
I saw happy men in party.
pigspeak speak spelling 
Small pig.
How to draw pig.
Black pig.
sunspeak speak spelling 
Golden sun.
Sun and moon.
Go to bed with the sun.
topspeak speak spelling 
Back to top.
Top producer.
Top ten.
toyspeak speak spelling 
Toy store.
I'm not your toy.
Toy for all.
wayspeak speak spelling 
On the way.
Find your own way.
Right way.
babyspeak speak spelling 
Baby boy.
Happy Baby.
Baby shower.
backspeak speak spelling 
Back to school.
Welcome back.
She will not send back.
allspeak speak spelling 
All day.
For all.
Take it all.
amspeak speak spelling 
I am happy.
Who am I?
I am going.
arespeak speak spelling 
They are nice.
Are you ready?
Who are you?
atspeak speak spelling 
Look at.
At school.
At once.
atespeak speak spelling 
The man who ate everything.
He ate an apple.
Someone ate this.
bespeak speak spelling 
Be great!
Be careful!
Just be yourself.
blackspeak speak spelling 
Black text.
Black sheep.
Black on white.
brownspeak speak spelling 
Brown eye.
Brown and blue.
Brown shoes.
butspeak speak spelling 
But why?
Yes, but?
Last but not least.
camespeak speak spelling 
Came up.
I came by car.
Who came first?
didspeak speak spelling 
How did you move it?
We did it.
Did you know?
dospeak speak spelling 
Just do it!
You can do it.
Do you play ball?
eatspeak speak spelling 
Eat bread.
Eat less, move more.
Eat good, feel good.
fourspeak speak spelling 
Four seasons.
Four points.
Four days.