Kindergarten Spelling Words With Example

Kindergarten: With Example - 5
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 Kindergarten: With Example - 5
overspeak speak spelling 
It's over.
Game over.
Over the top.
putspeak speak spelling 
Put it away.
Put this on.
How to put on a T-shirt.
roundspeak speak spelling 
This a round table.
Round clock.
Round or square.
somespeak speak spelling 
Get some.
Win some.
Bring me some apples.
stopspeak speak spelling 
Stop it now.
Stop sign.
Stop and think again.
takespeak speak spelling 
Take note.
Take a look.
Take bus.
thankspeak speak spelling 
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
A very big thank.
themspeak speak spelling 
One of them.
Let them eat.
Help them grow.
thenspeak speak spelling 
And then what?
Then she fell.
Then, now, and tomorrow.
thinkspeak speak spelling 
Think about it.
Time to think.
It's how you think, not what you think.
walkspeak speak spelling 
Walk for dogs
Walk for hope.
A walk in the woods.
werespeak speak spelling 
We were here.
You were sleeping.
We were young.
whenspeak speak spelling 
When I am 6.
When it grows.
When the time is right.
dollspeak speak spelling 
Baby doll.
Barbie doll.
She got a new doll.
doorspeak speak spelling 
Close the door.
Escape door.
Don't block the fire door.
duckspeak speak spelling 
White duck.
We ate a duck yesterday.
The duck is too heavy to fly.
farmspeak speak spelling 
Family farm.
Turkey farm.
Farm fresh eggs.
feetspeak speak spelling 
My feet.
Baby feet.
Happy feet.
firespeak speak spelling 
Smoke and fire.
Playing with fire.
Add fuel to the fire.
fishspeak speak spelling 
Fish fry.
Fish and chips.
A big fish in a small pond.
gamespeak speak spelling 
Game zone.
Game start.
Olympic game.
girlspeak speak spelling 
Little girl.
Boy and girl.
Pretty girl.
handspeak speak spelling 
First hand.
Give me a hand.
Hand in hand.
headspeak speak spelling 
Thinking head.
Cow head.
How heavy is your head?
hillspeak speak spelling 
A hill of beans.
Over the hill.
Silent hill.
homespeak speak spelling 
Sweet home.
Take me home.
Welcome home.
milkspeak speak spelling 
Milk and honey.
Pure milk.
Cry over spilled milk.
namespeak speak spelling 
Name tags.
What's your name?
Write your name here.
nestspeak speak spelling 
Eggs in nest.
Empty nest.
Leave the nest.
applespeak speak spelling 
Apple and orange.
Big apple.
Apple pie.
birthdayspeak speak spelling 
Happy birthday.
It's my birthday.
Birthday cake.
breadspeak speak spelling 
Bread and butter.
Homemade bread.
Sliced bread.
alwaysspeak speak spelling 
Always and forever.
Big isn't always good.
He is always with me.
aroundspeak speak spelling 
Around the world.
Turn around.
Sea around us.
becausespeak speak spelling 
Because I am happy.
I smile because of you.
Because I said, I would.
beenspeak speak spelling 
You've been warned.
He has never been told.
Have you been pay attention?
beforespeak speak spelling 
Before and after.
Think before you speak.
Books before 1900.