Kindergarten Spelling Words With Example

Kindergarten: With Example - 7
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 Kindergarten: With Example - 7
wishspeak speak spelling 
Make a wish.
Wish list.
I wish I could win it.
wouldspeak speak spelling 
What would you do?
Would you like some?
I would like to hear it.
writespeak speak spelling 
Write your story.
Write on paper.
Write what you know.
yourspeak speak spelling 
Paint your life.
Share your story.
Raise your hand.
brotherspeak speak spelling 
Little brother.
I love my brother.
My brother is my hero.
chairspeak speak spelling 
Leather chair.
He is in chair.
A large chair doesn't make a king.
chickenspeak speak spelling 
Fried Chicken.
Best chicken in town.
I ate chicken yesterday.
rainspeak speak spelling 
Heavy rain.
I like the smell of rain.
Rain makes everything beautiful.
ringspeak speak spelling 
The words are too small on the ring.
Brass ring.
Ring around the moon.
seedspeak speak spelling 
Watermelon seed.
How to grow from seed.
We choose organic seed.
sheepspeak speak spelling 
Sheep's milk.
Organic wool from sheep.
Black sheep.
shoespeak speak spelling 
Ugly shoe.
Shoe closet.
Try if the shoe fits.
sisterspeak speak spelling 
Sweet sister.
She's my sister.
I'm the big sister.
snowspeak speak spelling 
Snow day.
She likes snow flake.
Snow mountain.
songspeak speak spelling 
Happy song.
Sing a new song.
Song of the sea.
stickspeak speak spelling 
Hockey stick.
Stick candy.
I can drive a stick.
streetspeak speak spelling 
Main street.
My home is on the street.
It's a peaceful street.
tablespeak speak spelling 
Round table.
The juicy is on the table.
We have a big dining table.
aboutspeak speak spelling 
About us.
Think about it.
It's a book about music.
betterspeak speak spelling 
It isn't just good; it is better.
Make it better.
It's much better than before.
bringspeak speak spelling 
Bring it home.
Bring a friend.
Bring your bag.
carryspeak speak spelling 
What a carry on!
What did you carry?
Who will carry the box?
cleanspeak speak spelling 
Clean service.
Keep it clean.
Clean up our town.
cutspeak speak spelling 
Be careful when you cut.
Don't cut the content.
The chef will cut the beef.
donespeak speak spelling 
Well done!
I'm done.
Consider it done.
drawspeak speak spelling 
Free draw.
Learn to draw a tiger.
Draw my life.
drinkspeak speak spelling 
Drink all night.
He likes to drink beer.
What's a standard drink?
eightspeak speak spelling 
Eight arms.
Eight o'clock.
Eight is enough.
fallspeak speak spelling 
All fall away.
She will fall again.
Whenever you fall, pickup something.
farspeak speak spelling 
Galaxy is far, far away.
The apple never falls far away from tree.
How far is too far?
fullspeak speak spelling 
A sky full of stars.
Paint a full circle.
It's a full time hobby.
gotspeak speak spelling 
I got it.
She just got license.
What got you here won't get you there.
growspeak speak spelling 
The seed will grow up.
Are you ready to grow?
How to grow herb indoor.
holdspeak speak spelling 
Hold on.
Please hold my hand.
You must hold the key.
hotspeak speak spelling 
You are so hot.
It's a hot issue.
Hot price and hot deal.
hurtspeak speak spelling 
You hurt me.
Let it hurt; let it heal.
Things that hurt you actually teach you.
ifspeak speak spelling 
What if he comes?
Only if you win, I leave.
If not us, then who?