Kindergarten Spelling Words With Example

Kindergarten: With Example - 3
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 Kindergarten: With Example - 3
getspeak speak spelling 
Get in.
Get old.
Get well soon.
goodspeak speak spelling 
Very good!
Good morning.
Good work.
havespeak speak spelling 
Have fun.
Have a great day.
Nice to have.
hespeak speak spelling 
He and she.
Does he know you?
He is 5.
intospeak speak spelling 
Into the woods.
Look into my eyes.
Into the storm.
likespeak speak spelling 
I like this.
Like us on Facebook.
Like it or not.
mustspeak speak spelling 
Must do it.
Must turn left.
You must read it.
newspeak speak spelling 
New ball.
What's new?
New York.
nospeak speak spelling 
No way.
Just say no.
No, thanks.
nowspeak speak spelling 
Here and now.
Start now.
It is always now.
onspeak speak spelling 
Go on.
On air.
Find us on Facebook.
ourspeak speak spelling 
Our family.
Our school.
Our time.
outspeak speak spelling 
Keep out.
I'm out.
Get out.
pleasespeak speak spelling 
Please call me.
Please help.
Quiet, please.
prettyspeak speak spelling 
Pretty girls.
I want to be pretty.
She is so pretty.
ranspeak speak spelling 
She ran away.
I ran for my life.
River ran wild.
ridespeak speak spelling 
Ride and roll.
Ride on.
Enjoy the ride.
sawspeak speak spelling 
Saw and knew.
I saw you.
We saw him on TV.
sayspeak speak spelling 
Say it!
Never say never.
Time to say good-bye.
shespeak speak spelling 
She is nice.
She likes you.
Does she know it?
sospeak speak spelling 
So good.
So what?
I'm so happy.
soonspeak speak spelling 
Coming soon.
Very soon.
Be back soon.
thatspeak speak spelling 
That's all.
Just like that.
Eat this not that.
therespeak speak spelling 
See you there.
Are you there yet?
There is no rain.
theyspeak speak spelling 
They are dogs.
They aren't you.
Where are they now?
thisspeak speak spelling 
This is a house.
I like this.
Now hear this.
toospeak speak spelling 
Me too.
Never too late.
Are you sitting too much?
underspeak speak spelling 
Under the covers.
It's under control.
The cat is under table.
wantspeak speak spelling 
I want you.
That's what we want.
I want more.
wasspeak speak spelling 
I was here.
It was a dream.
Today was a great day.
wellspeak speak spelling 
Well done.
Get well soon.
All is well.
wentspeak speak spelling 
I went to beach.
I went walking.
How far she went.
whatspeak speak spelling 
What do you want?
What is it?
What does that mean?
whitespeak speak spelling 
White horse.
White house.
White in black.
whospeak speak spelling 
Who are you?
Who cares.
Who is who.
willspeak speak spelling 
He will back.
Will you come?
We will miss you.
withspeak speak spelling 
Work with us.
God with us.
Gone with the wind.