Kindergarten Spelling Words With Example

Kindergarten: With Example - 1
This is Kindergarten spelling vocabulary (1) and examples. To help study and review these words, the vocabulary integrates training tools. E.g., online spelling practice are available for each word in Kindergarten.
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 Kindergarten: With Example - 1
aspeak speak spelling 
A car.
A book.
This is a dog.
andspeak speak spelling 
Red and black.
You and I.
Go and find.
awayspeak speak spelling 
Far away.
I'm away.
Go away.
bigspeak speak spelling 
Big idea.
Big ball.
It's very big.
bluespeak speak spelling 
Blue sky.
Blue eye.
Blue paper.
canspeak speak spelling 
We can do it!
Yes, we can.
Can I help you?
comespeak speak spelling 
Come in.
Come up.
Come back.
downspeak speak spelling 
Sit down.
Fall down.
Bring it down.
findspeak speak spelling 
Find it.
Find us.
Find a way.
forspeak speak spelling 
For sale.
Look for.
Time for school.
funnyspeak speak spelling 
It's funny.
Funny joke.
I have a funny cat.
gospeak speak spelling 
Go to bed
Let's go.
Go on.
helpspeak speak spelling 
Please Help.
Help wanted.
You can help.
herespeak speak spelling 
You are here.
Look here.
Stop here.
Ispeak speak spelling 
I'm here.
I love it.
I can run.
inspeak speak spelling 
In box.
I'm in.
Walk in.
isspeak speak spelling 
This is a cake.
Is it red?
God is love.
itspeak speak spelling 
Like it!
We love it.
Get it done.
jumpspeak speak spelling 
Big jump.
Run and jump.
Jump for joy.
littlespeak speak spelling 
Little girl.
Little duck.
Little thing.
lookspeak speak spelling 
Look for.
Look ahead.
Look at me.
makespeak speak spelling 
Make it work.
Make a wish.
Make money.
mespeak speak spelling 
Call me.
Join me.
It's me.
myspeak speak spelling 
I love my dad.
My way.
My name is Katty.
notspeak speak spelling 
Do not enter.
Why not?
You shall not pass.
onespeak speak spelling 
One way.
One more day.
One half.
playspeak speak spelling 
Let's play.
Play for life.
Go play.
redspeak speak spelling 
Red wings.
Red robin.
Red sun.
runspeak speak spelling 
Run like the wind.
Fun run.
Walk, don't run.
saidspeak speak spelling 
He said.
Who said it?
I said good day.
seespeak speak spelling 
See you soon.
So happy to see you.
See you again.
thespeak speak spelling 
The end.
All the people.
The big move.
threespeak speak spelling 
Three colors.
I have three books.
Three little pigs.
tospeak speak spelling 
Back to school.
I want to be there.
Way to go.
twospeak speak spelling 
One word two meanings.
Two ways.
Two sides.
upspeak speak spelling 
Start up.
Heads up!
What's up?
wespeak speak spelling 
We love it.
Who are we?
We can do it!