Kindergarten Sight Words Quiz Card

Kindergarten: Quiz Card - 1
Spelling quiz cards for all Kindergarten sight words (1). You will spell words by hints of either pronunciation or explanation. You may listen repeatedly and guess uncertain letters.The smart and interactive tool can evaluate your spelling performance and also run as online spelling test app. It's a handy tool to improve spelling skill.
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 Kindergarten: Quiz Card - 1
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read [Esc]  
The end.
All the people.
The big move.

Spelling Word: the
read [Esc]  
Best of 2015.
One of us.
Word of the day.

Spelling Word: of
read [Esc]  
Red and black.
You and I.
Go and find.

Spelling Word: and
read [Esc]  
Back to school.
I want to be there.
Way to go.

Spelling Word: to
read [Esc]  
In box.
I'm in.
Walk in.

Spelling Word: in
read [Esc]  
That's all.
Just like that.
Eat this not that.

Spelling Word: that
read [Esc]  
I was here.
It was a dream.
Today was a great day.

Spelling Word: was
read [Esc]  
His and hers.
This is his toys.
His father lives there.

Spelling Word: his
read [Esc]  
He and she.
Does he know you?
He is 5.

Spelling Word: he
read [Esc]  
Like it!
We love it.
Get it done.

Spelling Word: it
read [Esc]  
Work with us.
God with us.
Gone with the wind.

Spelling Word: with
read [Esc]  
This is a cake.
Is it red?
God is love.

Spelling Word: is
read [Esc]  
For sale.
Look for.
Time for school.

Spelling Word: for
read [Esc]  
As you like.
AS much as you need.
Send as text.

Spelling Word: as
read [Esc]  
You had me.
He only had one car.
We had, but you have.

Spelling Word: had
read [Esc]  
You are the best.
Who are you?
Thank you.

Spelling Word: you
read [Esc]  
Do not enter.
Why not?
You shall not pass.

Spelling Word: not
read [Esc]  
Be great!
Be careful!
Just be yourself.

Spelling Word: be
read [Esc]  
I love her.
Tell her the truth.
Her hair is black.

Spelling Word: her
read [Esc]  
Go on.
On air.
Find us on Facebook.

Spelling Word: on
read [Esc]  
Look at.
At school.
At once.

Spelling Word: at
read [Esc]  
Six by six.
By the way.
Made by me.

Spelling Word: by
read [Esc]  
Which word is better?
Which one comes first?
Which do you prefer?

Spelling Word: which
read [Esc]  
Have fun.
Have a great day.
Nice to have.

Spelling Word: have
read [Esc]  
Boy or girl?
Trick or treat.
To be or not to be.

Spelling Word: or
read [Esc]  
Learn from the past.
From where you are.
Fresh from the farm.

Spelling Word: from
read [Esc]  
This is a house.
I like this.
Now hear this.

Spelling Word: this
read [Esc]  
I will follow him.
How to let him back.
I talk with him.

Spelling Word: him
read [Esc]  
But why?
Yes, but?
Last but not least.

Spelling Word: but
read [Esc]  
All day.
For all.
Take it all.

Spelling Word: all
read [Esc]  
She is nice.
She likes you.
Does she know it?

Spelling Word: she
read [Esc]  
They are dogs.
They aren't you.
Where are they now?

Spelling Word: they
read [Esc]  
We were here.
You were sleeping.
We were young.

Spelling Word: were
read [Esc]  
I love my dad.
My way.
My name is Katty.

Spelling Word: my
read [Esc]  
They are nice.
Are you ready?
Who are you?

Spelling Word: are
read [Esc]  
Call me.
Join me.
It's me.

Spelling Word: me
read [Esc]  
One way.
One more day.
One half.

Spelling Word: one