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Kindergarten: Quiz Card - 4

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 Kindergarten: Quiz Card - 4
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Speak [Esc]  
Once and again.
Do it again.
Oh, boy, not again.

Spelling Word: again
Speak [Esc]  
How many cats is there?
Too many fruits to eat.
One world, many voices.

Spelling Word: many
Speak [Esc]  
Back to school.
Welcome back.
She will not send back.

Spelling Word: back
Speak [Esc]  
You are here.
Look here.
Stop here.

Spelling Word: here
Speak [Esc]  
Think about it.
Time to think.
It's how you think, not what you think.

Spelling Word: think
Speak [Esc]  
Every day is new.
Every child is ready to read.
Every year.

Spelling Word: every
Speak [Esc]  
I went to beach.
I went walking.
How far she went.

Spelling Word: went
Speak [Esc]  
Far away.
I'm away.
Go away.

Spelling Word: away
Speak [Esc]  
Under the covers.
It's under control.
The cat is under table.

Spelling Word: under
Speak [Esc]  
Take note.
Take a look.
Take bus.

Spelling Word: take
Speak [Esc]  
Lost and found.
You found me.
Found in the forest.

Spelling Word: found
Speak [Esc]  
First hand.
Give me a hand.
Hand in hand.

Spelling Word: hand
Speak [Esc]  
Just do it.
Just in time.
Just for games.

Spelling Word: just
Speak [Esc]  
Get in.
Get old.
Get well soon.

Spelling Word: get
Speak [Esc]  
Give back.
Give what you want to get.
More ways to give.

Spelling Word: give
Speak [Esc]  
Special sale with big off.
Turn off the computer.
It's better off.

Spelling Word: off
Speak [Esc]  
Right or wrong?
All right.
You are right.

Spelling Word: right
Speak [Esc]  
Once upon a time.
Once more.
Once a week.

Spelling Word: once
Speak [Esc]  
Saw and knew.
I saw you.
We saw him on TV.

Spelling Word: saw
Speak [Esc]  
Open house.
Green house.
Haunted house.

Spelling Word: house
Speak [Esc]  
Thinking head.
Cow head.
How heavy is your head?

Spelling Word: head
Speak [Esc]  
Three colors.
I have three books.
Three little pigs.

Spelling Word: three
Speak [Esc]  
New ball.
What's new?
New York.

Spelling Word: new
Speak [Esc]  
Always and forever.
Big isn't always good.
He is always with me.

Spelling Word: always
Speak [Esc]  
Put it away.
Put this on.
How to put on a T-shirt.

Spelling Word: put
Speak [Esc]  
Tell me about yourself.
Show, don't just tell.
Tell the truth.

Spelling Word: tell
Speak [Esc]  
Because I am happy.
I smile because of you.
Because I said, I would.

Spelling Word: because
Speak [Esc]  
One more thing.
Do the green thing.
One thing leads to another.

Spelling Word: thing
Speak [Esc]  
Galaxy is far, far away.
The apple never falls far away from tree.
How far is too far?

Spelling Word: far
Speak [Esc]  
Look both ways.
Either or both.
Both of us.

Spelling Word: both
Speak [Esc]  
I got it.
She just got license.
What got you here won't get you there.

Spelling Word: got
Speak [Esc]  
Find it.
Find us.
Find a way.

Spelling Word: find
Speak [Esc]  
Well done!
I'm done.
Consider it done.

Spelling Word: done
Speak [Esc]  
Look for.
Look ahead.
Look at me.

Spelling Word: look
Speak [Esc]  
Name tags.
What's your name?
Write your name here.

Spelling Word: name
Speak [Esc]  
Let's party.
Let us play.
Let me in.

Spelling Word: let
Speak [Esc]  
It isn't just good; it is better.
Make it better.
It's much better than before.

Spelling Word: better