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Kindergarten: Quiz Card - 7

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 Kindergarten: Quiz Card - 7
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Speak [Esc]  
A hill of beans.
Over the hill.
Silent hill.

Spelling Word: hill
Speak [Esc]  
Seven stars.
Seven dwarfs.
One week has seven days.

Spelling Word: seven
Speak [Esc]  
Sit on Chair.
Sit down please.
Sit back and relax.

Spelling Word: sit
Speak [Esc]  
Back to top.
Top producer.
Top ten.

Spelling Word: top
Speak [Esc]  
Herb garden.
Annual garden tour.
Everything in the garden is rose.

Spelling Word: garden
Speak [Esc]  
Eat bread.
Eat less, move more.
Eat good, feel good.

Spelling Word: eat
Speak [Esc]  
Wet floor.
This way is for third floor.
The kitchen floor is uneven.

Spelling Word: floor
Speak [Esc]  
Smart watch.
I left my watch on desk.
This watch can remind you as alarm.

Spelling Word: watch
Speak [Esc]  
You are so hot.
It's a hot issue.
Hot price and hot deal.

Spelling Word: hot
Speak [Esc]  
Fast food.
Fast track.
As fast as lightning.

Spelling Word: fast
Speak [Esc]  
Brown eye.
Brown and blue.
Brown shoes.

Spelling Word: brown
Speak [Esc]  
Laugh out loud.
I love to laugh.
Laugh every day.

Spelling Word: laugh
Speak [Esc]  
Eight arms.
Eight o'clock.
Eight is enough.

Spelling Word: eight
Speak [Esc]  
Stop it now.
Stop sign.
Stop and think again.

Spelling Word: stop
Speak [Esc]  
Stay warm.
A big warm welcome.
She has a warm coat.

Spelling Word: warm
Speak [Esc]  
Drink all night.
He likes to drink beer.
What's a standard drink?

Spelling Word: drink
Speak [Esc]  
Start now!
It's a start.
An early start is a smart start.

Spelling Word: start
Speak [Esc]  
Life is better with a dog.
Beware of dog.
I love my dog.

Spelling Word: dog
Speak [Esc]  
Game zone.
Game start.
Olympic game.

Spelling Word: game
Speak [Esc]  
Yes, you can.
I said yes.
Big yes!

Spelling Word: yes
Speak [Esc]  
Bread and butter.
Homemade bread.
Sliced bread.

Spelling Word: bread
Speak [Esc]  
The seed will grow up.
Are you ready to grow?
How to grow herb indoor.

Spelling Word: grow
Speak [Esc]  
Heavy rain.
I like the smell of rain.
Rain makes everything beautiful.

Spelling Word: rain
Speak [Esc]  
Happy song.
Sing a new song.
Song of the sea.

Spelling Word: song
Speak [Esc]  
Grass field.
Green as grass.
The grass is always greener on the other side.

Spelling Word: grass
Speak [Esc]  
Free draw.
Learn to draw a tiger.
Draw my life.

Spelling Word: draw
Speak [Esc]  
Fish fry.
Fish and chips.
A big fish in a small pond.

Spelling Word: fish
Speak [Esc]  
Snow day.
She likes snow flake.
Snow mountain.

Spelling Word: snow
Speak [Esc]  
Yellow pages.
Big yellow duck.
Yellow rose.

Spelling Word: yellow
Speak [Esc]  
Tool box.
Mail box.
Donation box.

Spelling Word: box
Speak [Esc]  
You hurt me.
Let it hurt; let it heal.
Things that hurt you actually teach you.

Spelling Word: hurt
Speak [Esc]  
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
A very big thank.

Spelling Word: thank
Speak [Esc]  
Fly bird.
Angry bird.
Early bird price.

Spelling Word: bird
Speak [Esc]  
Wool coat.
Coat for boy.
Coat store.

Spelling Word: coat
Speak [Esc]  
The words are too small on the ring.
Brass ring.
Ring around the moon.

Spelling Word: ring
Speak [Esc]  
Smart buy.
Buy or rent?
Where can I buy?

Spelling Word: buy
Speak [Esc]  
Ride and roll.
Ride on.
Enjoy the ride.

Spelling Word: ride