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Kindergarten: Quiz Card - 8

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 Kindergarten: Quiz Card - 8
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Speak [Esc]  
Sing a song.
Let's sing together.
Sing your heart out.

Spelling Word: sing
Speak [Esc]  
Clean service.
Keep it clean.
Clean up our town.

Spelling Word: clean
Speak [Esc]  
Fly away.
Learn to fly.
Fly with me.

Spelling Word: fly
Speak [Esc]  
Police car.
Used car.
New car for sale.

Spelling Word: car
Speak [Esc]  
Milk and honey.
Pure milk.
Cry over spilled milk.

Spelling Word: milk
Speak [Esc]  
Play ball.
Golf ball.
Ball in your court.

Spelling Word: ball
Speak [Esc]  
Hockey stick.
Stick candy.
I can drive a stick.

Spelling Word: stick
Speak [Esc]  
Flower delivery.
It's a free flower garden.
Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.

Spelling Word: flower
Speak [Esc]  
Baby boy.
Happy Baby.
Baby shower.

Spelling Word: baby
Speak [Esc]  
Sheep's milk.
Organic wool from sheep.
Black sheep.

Spelling Word: sheep
Speak [Esc]  
Family farm.
Turkey farm.
Farm fresh eggs.

Spelling Word: farm
Speak [Esc]  
Pop corn.
Grow corn.
Don't eat the corn hair.

Spelling Word: corn
Speak [Esc]  
Bell sound.
Bell pepper.
I get a new wind bell.

Spelling Word: bell
Speak [Esc]  
White cat.
She has a small cat.
Is it a cat?

Spelling Word: cat
Speak [Esc]  
The man who ate everything.
He ate an apple.
Someone ate this.

Spelling Word: ate
Speak [Esc]  
Long leg.
Break a leg.
His leg hurts.

Spelling Word: leg
Speak [Esc]  
Watermelon seed.
How to grow from seed.
We choose organic seed.

Spelling Word: seed
Speak [Esc]  
Push or pull.
Pull to open.
Pull ups.

Spelling Word: pull
Speak [Esc]  
Pick me up.
I pick the hard words from that novel.
I shall pick you if you come.

Spelling Word: pick
Speak [Esc]  
Big save with farmer's fresh.
He was a chicken farmer before.
Do it like a farmer.

Spelling Word: farmer
Speak [Esc]  
Eggs in nest.
Empty nest.
Leave the nest.

Spelling Word: nest
Speak [Esc]  
Today is the day.
What you do today?
Today is a miracle.

Spelling Word: today
Speak [Esc]  
Wash your hands.
Car wash.
This sink for food wash only.

Spelling Word: wash
Speak [Esc]  
It's funny.
Funny joke.
I have a funny cat.

Spelling Word: funny
Speak [Esc]  
Easter egg.
A good egg.
Egg free food.

Spelling Word: egg
Speak [Esc]  
Fat cow.
Cow milk.
It's a strong cow.

Spelling Word: cow
Speak [Esc]  
Big jump.
Run and jump.
Jump for joy.

Spelling Word: jump
Speak [Esc]  
Apple and orange.
Big apple.
Apple pie.

Spelling Word: apple
Speak [Esc]  
Birthday cake.
Piece of cake.
Fruit cake.

Spelling Word: cake
Speak [Esc]  
Small pig.
How to draw pig.
Black pig.

Spelling Word: pig
Speak [Esc]  
Fried Chicken.
Best chicken in town.
I ate chicken yesterday.

Spelling Word: chicken
Speak [Esc]  
Happy birthday.
It's my birthday.
Birthday cake.

Spelling Word: birthday
Speak [Esc]  
Ugly shoe.
Shoe closet.
Try if the shoe fits.

Spelling Word: shoe
Speak [Esc]  
White duck.
We ate a duck yesterday.
The duck is too heavy to fly.

Spelling Word: duck
Speak [Esc]  
Baby doll.
Barbie doll.
She got a new doll.

Spelling Word: doll
Speak [Esc]  
Toy store.
I'm not your toy.
Toy for all.

Spelling Word: toy
Speak [Esc]  
I'm here.
I love it.
I can run.

Spelling Word: I
Speak [Esc]  
We don't move again.
Don't touch.
I don't know.

Spelling Word: don
Speak [Esc]  
Merry Christmas!
Christmas tree.
Christmas gift.

Spelling Word: Christmas
Speak [Esc]  
Good-bye, my friend.
Good-bye, I will miss you.
I am sorry you said good-bye.

Spelling Word: good-bye
Speak [Esc]  
Hello Kitty.
Outdoor Kitty club.
I like Kitty ears and handcuffs.

Spelling Word: Kitty