Kindergarten Spelling Words With Example

Kindergarten: With Example - 8
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 Kindergarten: With Example - 8
keepspeak speak spelling 
Keep it up.
Please keep learning.
I will keep this promise.
kindspeak speak spelling 
Be kind to others.
I'm a kind kid.
Kind words live longer.
laughspeak speak spelling 
Laugh out loud.
I love to laugh.
Laugh every day.
lightspeak speak spelling 
Candle light.
Neon light.
It's light after darkness.
longspeak speak spelling 
Long, long time ago.
It's a long shadow.
I dislike long text message.
muchspeak speak spelling 
Too much time.
How much sleep do you need?
How much is the fish?
myselfspeak speak spelling 
I love myself.
Alone with myself.
I did all by myself.
neverspeak speak spelling 
Never say never.
Never mind.
Never give up dream.
onlyspeak speak spelling 
English only zone.
Exit only.
Only if you try, you will know.
ownspeak speak spelling 
We own it.
Design your own tattoo.
You should speak with own voice.
pickspeak speak spelling 
Pick me up.
I pick the hard words from that novel.
I shall pick you if you come.
sevenspeak speak spelling 
Seven stars.
Seven dwarfs.
One week has seven days.
shallspeak speak spelling 
We shall not pass.
Shall we play a game?
We shall overcome the trouble.
showspeak speak spelling 
The movie will show soon.
Show your strength.
It's a wonderful talent show.
sixspeak speak spelling 
Six flags.
Six senses.
They work six hours every weekday.
smallspeak speak spelling 
Small duck.
Start small, think big.
These girls belong to a small group.
startspeak speak spelling 
Start now!
It's a start.
An early start is a smart start.
tenspeak speak spelling 
Ten simple rules.
Top ten teams in the game.
After ten years, the wizard will back.
todayspeak speak spelling 
Today is the day.
What you do today?
Today is a miracle.
togetherspeak speak spelling 
Let's work together.
Together for better.
Alone we are strong, together we are stronger.
tryspeak speak spelling 
Try it now!
It's easy if you try.
If you never try, you'll never know.
warmspeak speak spelling 
Stay warm.
A big warm welcome.
She has a warm coat.
thingspeak speak spelling 
One more thing.
Do the green thing.
One thing leads to another.
timespeak speak spelling 
It's time to start.
Mountain time zone.
Time is precious.
treespeak speak spelling 
Christmas tree.
Plant a tree.
There is an oak tree in yard.
watchspeak speak spelling 
Smart watch.
I left my watch on desk.
This watch can remind you as alarm.
childrenspeak speak spelling 
Happy children's day!
This is a museum of children.
The country has millions of children.
Christmasspeak speak spelling 
Merry Christmas!
Christmas tree.
Christmas gift.
farmerspeak speak spelling 
Big save with farmer's fresh.
He was a chicken farmer before.
Do it like a farmer.
fatherspeak speak spelling 
I love you, father.
The best father of world.
Happy father's day.
floorspeak speak spelling 
Wet floor.
This way is for third floor.
The kitchen floor is uneven.
flowerspeak speak spelling 
Flower delivery.
It's a free flower garden.
Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
gardenspeak speak spelling 
Herb garden.
Annual garden tour.
Everything in the garden is rose.
good-byespeak speak spelling 
Good-bye, my friend.
Good-bye, I will miss you.
I am sorry you said good-bye.
grassspeak speak spelling 
Grass field.
Green as grass.
The grass is always greener on the other side.
groundspeak speak spelling 
Back ground.
Feet on the ground.
From the ground up
horsespeak speak spelling 
Rocking horse.
Trojan horse.
Ride a horse on the beach.
housespeak speak spelling 
Open house.
Green house.
Haunted house.
Kittyspeak speak spelling 
Hello Kitty.
Outdoor Kitty club.
I like Kitty ears and handcuffs.
letterspeak speak spelling 
Letter paper.
A new letter from school.
I will write a letter to Santa.
moneyspeak speak spelling 
Make money.
Save money.
Time is money.