Kindergarten Spelling Words With Example

Kindergarten: With Example - 6
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 Kindergarten: With Example - 6
bestspeak speak spelling 
The best choice.
You are the best.
Best of the best.
bothspeak speak spelling 
Look both ways.
Either or both.
Both of us.
buyspeak speak spelling 
Smart buy.
Buy or rent?
Where can I buy?
callspeak speak spelling 
Call me.
Free call.
Last call.
coldspeak speak spelling 
I'm cold.
Cold weather.
It's freezing cold.
doesspeak speak spelling 
How does it work?
Does she know the story?
I do it; and so does she.
don'tspeak speak spelling 
We don't move again.
Don't touch.
I don't know.
fastspeak speak spelling 
Fast food.
Fast track.
As fast as lightning.
firstspeak speak spelling 
First place.
First aid.
She is the first girl in class.
fivespeak speak spelling 
Five fingers.
They are top five.
This is a five star hotel.
foundspeak speak spelling 
Lost and found.
You found me.
Found in the forest.
gavespeak speak spelling 
She gave me a smile.
God gave us the world.
The father gave all to his kids.
goesspeak speak spelling 
He goes to school.
Sun goes down.
Everything goes by own way.
greenspeak speak spelling 
Green apple.
Green energy.
Green life.
itsspeak speak spelling 
Its color is black.
Its size is as small as rabbit.
I don't know its name.
madespeak speak spelling 
Made in America.
Made for iPhone.
The world we made.
manyspeak speak spelling 
How many cats is there?
Too many fruits to eat.
One world, many voices.
offspeak speak spelling 
Special sale with big off.
Turn off the computer.
It's better off.
orspeak speak spelling 
Boy or girl?
Trick or treat.
To be or not to be.
pullspeak speak spelling 
Push or pull.
Pull to open.
Pull ups.
readspeak speak spelling 
Ready to read.
Read it forward.
The more you read, the more you know.
rightspeak speak spelling 
Right or wrong?
All right.
You are right.
singspeak speak spelling 
Sing a song.
Let's sing together.
Sing your heart out.
sitspeak speak spelling 
Sit on Chair.
Sit down please.
Sit back and relax.
sleepspeak speak spelling 
Go to sleep.
It's my sleep time.
She has a big sleep.
tellspeak speak spelling 
Tell me about yourself.
Show, don't just tell.
Tell the truth.
theirspeak speak spelling 
On their way.
In their own words.
Out of their minds.
thesespeak speak spelling 
In these time.
These come from trees.
These guys are nice.
thosespeak speak spelling 
One of those.
What are those?
Help those in need.
uponspeak speak spelling 
Once upon a time.
Keep hands upon the wheel.
They are dependent upon this.
usspeak speak spelling 
Contact us.
It's on us.
About us.
usespeak speak spelling 
Use me.
How to use 911.
I use this most of the time.
veryspeak speak spelling 
Very good.
Very short list.
Music for the very young.
washspeak speak spelling 
Wash your hands.
Car wash.
This sink for food wash only.
whichspeak speak spelling 
Which word is better?
Which one comes first?
Which do you prefer?
whyspeak speak spelling 
Why do they cry?
Why don't you do it?
This is a big why.
workspeak speak spelling 
Back to work.
They work hard.
I have some home work.