Kindergarten Spelling Words With Example

Kindergarten: With Example - 4
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 Kindergarten: With Example - 4
yesspeak speak spelling 
Yes, you can.
I said yes.
Big yes!
ballspeak speak spelling 
Play ball.
Golf ball.
Ball in your court.
bearspeak speak spelling 
Teddy bear.
Dance like a bear.
Bear and fish.
bellspeak speak spelling 
Bell sound.
Bell pepper.
I get a new wind bell.
birdspeak speak spelling 
Fly bird.
Angry bird.
Early bird price.
boatspeak speak spelling 
Life boat.
Boys in the boat.
We are on a boat.
cakespeak speak spelling 
Birthday cake.
Piece of cake.
Fruit cake.
coatspeak speak spelling 
Wool coat.
Coat for boy.
Coat store.
cornspeak speak spelling 
Pop corn.
Grow corn.
Don't eat the corn hair.
afterspeak speak spelling 
After school.
Before and after.
After all.
againspeak speak spelling 
Once and again.
Do it again.
Oh, boy, not again.
anspeak speak spelling 
An egg.
He is from an island.
It's an old house.
anyspeak speak spelling 
Any question.
Any way.
On any Sunday.
asspeak speak spelling 
As you like.
AS much as you need.
Send as text.
askspeak speak spelling 
Ask for help.
Just ask.
Ask me anything.
byspeak speak spelling 
Six by six.
By the way.
Made by me.
couldspeak speak spelling 
You could win.
It could happen.
I knew you could.
everyspeak speak spelling 
Every day is new.
Every child is ready to read.
Every year.
flyspeak speak spelling 
Fly away.
Learn to fly.
Fly with me.
fromspeak speak spelling 
Learn from the past.
From where you are.
Fresh from the farm.
givespeak speak spelling 
Give back.
Give what you want to get.
More ways to give.
givingspeak speak spelling 
Smart giving.
We love giving.
Giving is good for heart.
hadspeak speak spelling 
You had me.
He only had one car.
We had, but you have.
hasspeak speak spelling 
She has a doll.
Every hero has a story.
The cat has blue eyes.
herspeak speak spelling 
I love her.
Tell her the truth.
Her hair is black.
himspeak speak spelling 
I will follow him.
How to let him back.
I talk with him.
hisspeak speak spelling 
His and hers.
This is his toys.
His father lives there.
howspeak speak spelling 
How are you?
How to be happy.
How does it work?
justspeak speak spelling 
Just do it.
Just in time.
Just for games.
knowspeak speak spelling 
Get to know.
I don't know.
Did you know?
letspeak speak spelling 
Let's party.
Let us play.
Let me in.
livespeak speak spelling 
Live every moment.
We live here.
Live on air.
mayspeak speak spelling 
May I help you?
He may know the news.
It may be very small.
ofspeak speak spelling 
Best of 2015.
One of us.
Word of the day.
oldspeak speak spelling 
An old man.
How old are you?
The car is so old.
oncespeak speak spelling 
Once upon a time.
Once more.
Once a week.
openspeak speak spelling 
We are open.
Open for all.
Now open.