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PTE Word List for Academic (U V W Y Z)

ultimatum: Read
(最后通牒) last offer; final statement of terms made by one party to another

ultraviolet: Read
(紫外线的) wave lengths shorter than light but longer than X rays

unanimous: Read
a. Syn. uniform; agreed
(全体意见一致的) uniform; in complete agreement

unconditional: Read
(无条件的,无限制的,绝对的) made without condition; absolute; unreserved

undercharge: Read
(少要价钱,少算价钱) charge below or under; charge less than is usual or suitable

undergo: Read
v. Syn. experience; suffer
(经历,遭受) experience; suffer; pass through

underlie: Read
(位于之下,成为基础) be located under or below; be the support or basis of; account for

underline: Read
(下划线,强调) mark a line below, as words; underscore.

underlying: Read
a. Syn. fundamental; implicit
(根本的,在下面的,潜在的) lying under or beneath something; basic; implicit; taking precedence; prior

undermine: Read
v. Syn. weaken
(破坏) weaken by wearing away base or foundation; injure or impair; dig a mine or tunnel beneath

undertake: Read
v. Syn. embark; assume
(从事,承担) take on; embark on; assume

underwrite: Read
(认购,承购,承保,承担) write under something else; subscribe; assume financial responsibility for; guarantee against failure

undoubtedly: Read
ad. Syn. unquestionably; indubitably
(毋庸置疑地,确凿地) unquestionably; without doubt; certainly

undue: Read
(过度的,过分的) not due; not yet owing; not just, proper, or legal; ; excessive

uneasy: Read
(不舒适的,忧虑的,着急的) not easy; difficult; restless; disturbed by pain, anxiety

unemployment: Read
(失业) not having a job; condition of being unemployed; state of being unused

uneven: Read
(不平坦的,不均匀的,不规则的) not even; not level; not uniform; rough

unfold: Read
(打开,显露) extend or stretch out to a greater or the full length; happen

ungainly: Read
a. Syn. awkward
(糟糕的,笨拙的) awkward; lacking grace in movement or posture

unify: Read
v. Syn. integrate; unite
(统一,使成一体) integrate; make into or become one unit

unilateral: Read
(单方面的,单边的) being on one side only; affecting but one side; one-sided.

universal: Read
a. Syn. comprehensive; general; worldwide
(通用的) affecting all; general; present everywhere; relating to the entire world or all within the world; worldwide

unravel: Read
v. Syn. disentangle; solve
(拆开,解决) undo or ravel knitted fabric of; separate and clarify; solve

unrest: Read
(不安宁,(社会)不满) sleeplessness; uneasiness; state of trouble, confusion and turbulence, especially in a political context

untold: Read
(没有说出的,数不清的) not told; not related; not revealed

upbringing: Read
(教育,教养) process of bringing up, nourishing, or maintaining; rearing and training received during childhood

upkeep: Read
(保养,保养费) act of keeping up, or maintaining; maintenance

upright: Read
(笔直的,直立的,柱子,直立物) in an erect position or posture; perpendicular; vertical, or nearly vertical; pointing upward

uprising: Read
(起义,造反) act of rising; steep place; insurrection; popular revolt

utilise: Read
v. Syn. utilize
(利用,使用) make useful; find a practical use for; utilize

utility: Read
(公用事业公司,公用设备) something useful; public service

utmost: Read
(最远的,极度的,最大程度的) farthest point or extremity; most distant; extreme

utterly: Read
ad. Syn. absolutely; completely
(完全地,绝对地) absolutely; completely

vacant: Read
a. Syn. empty; uninhabited
(空的,未被占用的) void of thought or knowledge; without an occupant or incumbent

vacuum: Read
(真空) empty area or space; electrical home appliance that cleans by suction

vain: Read
(无用的,无结果的,枉然) having no real substance, value, or importance; empty; void; worthless; unsatisfying

validity: Read
(有效性,合法性) quality of having legal force or effectiveness

valuation: Read
(估价,评价,估出的价格) act of valuing, or of estimating value or worth; act of setting a price; estimation

valve: Read
(活门,阀) device or structure for controlling the flow of a fluid

vanish: Read
v. Syn. disappear
(消失,灭绝) disappear; pass out of sight, especially quickly; die out

vanity: Read
(虚荣,自负) quality or state of being vain; emptiness; feelings of excessive pride; conceit

variable: Read
n. Syn. factor
(变数,变量) factor; something that is likely to vary; changeable; inconstant

variant: Read
(不同的,另一种形式的) varying in from, character, or the like; variable; different; diverse.

variation: Read
n. Syn. change; selection; deviation
(变异,变种) act of changing or altering

varied: Read
a. Syn. differed; diversified; various
(杂色的,各式各样的) differed; diversified; various

variety: Read
n. Syn. diversity; assortment; selection
(变化,多样性,变种) diversity; quality or condition of being various or varied

vary: Read
(改变,变化) change aspect of; alter in form, appearance, substance, position; make different by a partial change; modify

vegetarian: Read
(素食者) someone who doesn't eat meat or fish usually for religious or moral reasons

vegetation: Read
n. Syn. plants
(植物,草木,植被) plants of an area or a region; plant life

vehement: Read
a. Syn. forceful
(激烈的,热烈的) forceful; intensely emotional; inclined to react violently

veil: Read
n. Syn. cover; hide
(隐藏,遮蔽,面纱) a length of cloth worn by women over the head, shoulders, and often the face; cover; hide

vein: Read
(血管,静脉,木纹,矿脉,岩脉) blood vessel that carries blood

velocity: Read
n. Syn. speed
(速度) rapidity or speed of motion; swiftness

venerate: Read
(崇敬) treat with great respect and deference; consider hallowed or be in awe of

vent: Read
n. Syn. outlet
(出口,出路) small opening; means of escape or release; outlet; hole for the escape of gas or air

ventilate: Read
v. Syn. freshen; aerate
(使通风) freshen; circulate through and freshen

venture: Read
v. Syn. adventure
(冒险(事业),投机活动) put at risk; adventure

verbal: Read
a. Syn. oral
(口头的) expressed in spoken rather than written words; consisting of words alone without action

verge: Read
n. Syn. border; edge
(边界) extreme edge or margin; border; enclosing boundary; space enclosed by such a boundary

versa: Read
(相反,反之) used to state what you have just said is also true in the opposite order

versatile: Read
a. Syn. flexible; pliable
(万能的,通用的,多面手的) having many talents; capable of working in many fields

versed: Read
(熟练的,精通的) acquainted through study or experience; knowledgeable or skilled

vertical: Read
a. Syn. upright; perpendicular
(垂直的,竖直的) upright in position or posture; oriented vertically

vessel: Read
n. Syn. craft; ship
(船,液体容器) craft; ship; container for liquids

veteran: Read
(老兵,老手) someone who has given long service

veto: Read
n. Syn. rejection; prohibition
(否决,否决权) rejection; vote that blocks a decision; deny; prohibit; command against

vex: Read
v. Syn. annoy; distress
(激怒,惹恼) annoy; disturb, especially by minor irritations; be a mystery or bewildering to

via: Read
(经由,途经,通过,凭藉) by the way of

vibrate: Read
(颤动,震动) shake, quiver; move or swing from side to side regularly

vicinity: Read
(附近,接近) state of being near in space or relationship; proximity

vigilant: Read
(机警的,警惕的) attentive to discover and avoid danger, or to provide for safety; wakeful; watchful; circumspect; wary

vigorous: Read
a. Syn. robust; strong; energetic
(健壮的,精力旺盛的,有力的) robust; strong; energetic, and active in mind or body

vindicate: Read
v. Syn. exonerate
(辩护,维护) clear from blame; exonerate; maintain, uphold, or defend

violate: Read
(违犯,违反,破坏,侵扰) treat in a violent manner; abuse; do violence to; disturb; interrupt

virtual: Read
(有效的,实质的,虚的) existing or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact; existing in mind, especially as a product of imagination

virtually: Read
ad. Syn. almost completely; practically; essentially
(事实上,实质上) almost completely; practically; essentially

virtuous: Read
(品德高尚的,有道德的) possessing or exhibiting virtue; exhibiting manly courage and strength; valorous; brave

visible: Read
(看得见的,可见的) being often in public eye; obvious to the eye

visualize: Read
(使显现,使形象化) make visual, or visible; see in fancy; form a mental image of

vivid: Read
a. Syn. bright; lively
((光线,色彩)鲜艳的,强烈的) bright; lively; graphic; having striking color

vocational: Read
(职业的) of a vocation or occupation; providing a special skill rather than academic knowledge

vogue: Read
(时尚) popular fashion; current state or style of general acceptance and use

volatile: Read
a. Syn. changeable; explosive; fickle
(挥发的,飞行的,可变的,爆炸的) tending to vary often or widely, as in price; inconstant or fickle; tending to violence

volcano: Read
(火山) fissure in the earth's crust through which molten lava and gases erupt

voltage: Read
(电压) difference in electrical charge between two points

voluntary: Read
a. Syn. willing; unforced
(自愿的,志愿的) done or undertaken of one's own free will; unforced

vomit: Read
(呕吐,吐出,喷出) throw up; eject from stomach through mouth; disgorge

voucher: Read
(代金券,优惠购物券,凭单,单据) a piece of substantiating evidence; proof; written authorization or certificate

vulgar: Read
(无教养的,平常的,粗俗的) common and coarse; relating to the common people with less cultivated or educated; lacking cultivation or refinement

wage: Read
(工资,进行,开展,发起) hazard on the event of a contest; stake; engage in, as a contest; adventure, or lay out, for hire or reward; hire; employ

wager: Read
(打赌,赌注,打赌,保证) something deposited, laid, or hazarded on the event of a contest or an unsettled question; bet; stake

waggon: Read
n. Syn. wagon
(四轮车) four-wheeled, usually horse-drawn vehicle; wagon

wail: Read
(哀号,痛哭) grieve or protest loudly and bitterly; express sorrow by a mournful vocal sound; moan; cry

wane: Read
v. Syn. decline; dwindle
(减少,变弱) decrease in size or strength; draw gradually to an end

warrant: Read
n. Syn. guarantee
(保证书,质保书,证书) guarantee; assurance by seller; authorization or certification

wary: Read
a. Syn. cautious
(机警的,小心的) very cautious; on guard; watchful

waver: Read
(摇摆,犹豫) play or move to and fro; move one way and the other; swing; be unsettled in opinion

weary: Read
a. Syn. tired; exhausted; fatigued
(疲倦的,厌倦的) tired; exhausted; physically or mentally fatigued

weave: Read
n. Syn. swing
(编织,编织样式) pattern or structure by weaving ; knit; interlace

wedge: Read
(楔形物,楔子) a piece of metal, or other hard material, thick at one end, and tapering to a thin edge at the other, used in splitting wood, rocks

weld: Read
(焊接) unite closely or intimately; join together by heating

whereas: Read
(但是,相反,鉴于,因) while on the contrary; while at the same time

whereby: Read
(藉此,凭这个,由此) by which; by what; how

whilst: Read
(当时,有时,时时) while; at the same time

whirl: Read
(使飞快地旋转,眩晕,乱七八糟) act of rotating or revolving rapidly; state of confusion; tumult

wholesale: Read
(批发的) selling or related to selling goods in large quantities; large-scale; on a large scale without careful discrimination

wholesome: Read
a. Syn. healthful; beneficial
(有益健康的) conducive to sound health or well-being; beneficial

widespread: Read
(流传甚广的,分布广的) spread or scattered over a considerable extent; occurring or accepted widely

width: Read
(宽度,一幅(布)) measurement of the extent of something from side to side

wield: Read
v. Syn. rule; manage; handle
(支配,掌握) handle with skill; exercise effectively; have power over; rule or manage

wilderness: Read
(荒野,荒凉的地方) a tract of land or region, uncultivated and uninhabited by human beings, whether a forest or a wide, barren plain; wild or desert

withdraw: Read
v. Syn. retreat; depart
(撤退) remove from; pull back; break from gathering; retreat; depart

wither: Read
v. Syn. shrivel; decay
(凋谢,枯萎) shrivel; decay; lose freshness, vigor, or vitality; loss of moisture

withhold: Read
v. Syn. keep; restrain
(拒给,保留) refuse to give; refrain from giving, granting, or permitting; deduct from employee's salary

withstand: Read
v. Syn. oppose
(抵抗,经受住) stand up against; successfully resist; oppose with force or resolution

wording: Read
(措辞,用语) act or style of expressing in words; expression, or power of expression

worthwhile: Read
(值得做的) sufficiently valuable; important to be worth one's time, effort, or interest

wreathe: Read
(环绕,完全笼罩,做成花环) cause to revolve or writhe; twist about; turn; twist

wrench: Read
v. Syn. pull; strain; twist; jerk
(扭曲,曲解,折磨,拉) twist or turn suddenly and forcibly; move, extract, or force free by pulling violently

wrestle: Read
(摔跤,角力) contend by grappling with, and striving to trip or throw down an opponent; struggle or strive earnestly

wretched: Read
(不幸的,潦倒的(人),质量差的,令人不满意的) very miserable; sunk in, or accompanied by deep affliction or distress; calamitous; woeful; worthless

wrinkle: Read
n. Syn. furrow; crease
(小困难,皱纹,褶皱) a minor difficulty; a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface

wrought: Read
(做的,制成的,形成于) putting together; made delicately or elaborately; having been worked or prepared somehow

yarn: Read
(毛线,棉纱线,丝线) woolen thread; thread of other material, as of cotton or silk; material spun and prepared for use in weaving

yawn: Read
(呵欠) open the mouth wide with a deep inhalation, usually involuntarily from drowsiness, fatigue, or boredom

yearn: Read
(盼望,渴望) pain; grieve; vex; be pained or distressed; feel deep pity, sympathy, or tenderness

yield: Read
v. Syn. surrender; concede
(屈服,放弃) give in; surrender; give forth a natural product; be productive

yoke: Read
v. Syn. join; bind
(结合,连接) join together, unite; harness a draft animal to; join securely; force into heavy labor

zeal: Read
n. Syn. fever; ardor
(热心,热诚) intense interest; eagerness to accomplish some object

zest: Read
(刺激性,热心,兴趣) a piece of orange or lemon peel, used to give flavor to liquor; something that gives or enhances a pleasant taste; appetizer

zoology: Read
(动物学,动物(总称)) part of biology which relates to the animal kingdom