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PTE Word List for Academic (T)

tablet: Read
(药片,片剂,一份药) a small flat compressed cake of some substance; a dose of medicine; simplified computer with only screen

taboo: Read
(讳忌的 禁忌) ban or inhibition resulting from social custom or emotional aversion; prohibition

tacit: Read
(默许的,会意的) indicated or understood without expressed directly; not speaking; silent

tackle: Read
(滑车,复滑车,钓具,抓住,揪住,擒抱) apparatus for raising or lowering heavy weights, consisting of a rope and pulley blocks; stopping an opposing player carrying the ball

tactic: Read
n. Syn. tactical
((达到目的)手段,战术) plan for attaining a particular goal; action calculated to achieve some end

tame: Read
(驯服的,没精打采的,枯燥无味的) domesticated; very restrained or quiet; make less strong or intense; soften

tamper: Read
(窜改,玩弄) interfere in a harmful manner; alter improperly

tangible: Read
a. Syn. real; palpable
(可触摸的,真实的) able to be touched; real or concrete; palpable

tangle: Read
(被纠缠,缠结,乱成一团) uniting or knitting together confusedly; knot of threads, or other thing, united confusedly, or so interwoven as not to be easily disengaged

tar: Read
(焦油,沥青,柏油,水手) sailor or seaman; thick, black, viscous liquid obtained by the distillation of wood, coal

tariff: Read
(关税,关税表,价目表,价格表) tax on goods coming into a country

tarnish: Read
v. Syn. discoloration; stain
(晦暗,污点) make dirty or spotty; stain; dull the luster of; discolor, especially by exposure to air or dirt

taxation: Read
(征税,课税,税款,税) laying a tax, or imposing taxes, as on the subjects of a state, by authority; raising of revenue

technician: Read
(技术人员,专门技师) one skilled particularly in the technical details of work

tedious: Read
a. Syn. boring; wearisome
(令人厌倦的) tiresome by reason of length, slowness, or dullness; progressing very slowly

teem: Read
(充满,到处都是) be abuzz; be full of; move in large numbers

telecommunication: Read
(电信,远距离通讯,电信学) electronic systems used in transmitting messages

telex: Read
(电传,电传的文字,发电传) communications system consisting of teletypewriters connected to a telephonic network to send and receive signals

temperament: Read
n. Syn. disposition
(气质,性情) person's normal manner of thinking, behaving or reacting; tendency to become irritable or angry

temperate: Read
a. Syn. restrained
(节制的,自我控制的) restrained; self-controlled; moderate in degree or quality

tempo: Read
n. Syn. rate; pace
(节奏,乐曲的速度) beat or speed of music; rate or rhythm of activity; pace

temptation: Read
(引诱,诱惑物) act of tempting, or enticing to evil; seduction

tenable: Read
(站得住脚的,无懈可击的) capable of being held, maintained, or defended, as against an assailant or objector, or against attempts to take or process

tenacious: Read
a. Syn. retentive; adhesive
(顽强的) sticking together; stubbornly unyielding; holding together firmly

tenancy: Read
(租赁,租用,租赁期限) possession or occupancy of lands, buildings, or other property under a lease; temporary possession of what belongs to another

tendency: Read
n. Syn. trend; propensity
(趋势,倾向) trend; a general direction in which something tends to move

tentacle: Read
((动物的)触角,触须,触手) a more or less elongated process or organ, simple or branched, proceeding from the head or cephalic region of invertebrate animals, being either an organ of sense or motion

tentative: Read
a. Syn. hesitant; experimental
(试探性的,尝试的,暂时的) hesitant; not fully worked out or developed; experimental; not definite or positive

terminate: Read
v. Syn. stop; end
(停止,结束) stop; bring to an end or halt

terrain: Read
n. Syn. land; landform; topography
(地势,地形) piece of ground having specific characteristics or military potential; area of land; ground

terrestrial: Read
(地的,地球的) earthly, as opposed to celestial; pertaining to the land

terrify: Read
v. Syn. frighten
(使恐怖,使惊吓) frighten; fill with terror

territorial: Read
(领土的) pertaining to territory or land; limited to a certain district

terse: Read
a. Syn. concise; brief
(简洁,扼要的) effectively concise; appearing as if wiped or rubbed, as smooth

text: Read
(文字材料,教科书) written words; book prepared for use in schools or colleges

textile: Read
n. Syn. cloth; fabric
(纺织品) cloth; fabric

texture: Read
(质地,(材料等)结构) rough surface quality; structure of interwoven fibers or other elements; feel of a surface or a fabric

thaw: Read
v. Syn. melt; defrost
(解冻) melt, such as snow and ice; defrost; warm weather following a freeze

thereby: Read
ad. Syn. thus; accordingly; consequently
(因此,从而) thus; accordingly; by that means; because of that

thermal: Read
(热的,热学的) relating to or caused by heat; designed to help retain heat

thermometer: Read
(温度计,寒暑表) instrument for measuring temperature

thermostat: Read
(自动调温器,恒温器) device, as in a home heating system, a refrigerator, or an air conditioner, that automatically responds to temperature changes

thesaurus: Read
(词典,分类词汇汇编) book of synonyms, often including related and contrasting words and antonyms

thesis: Read
n. Syn. paper; dissertation
(论题,论文) paper; dissertation; an unproved statement put forward as a premise in an argument

thigh: Read
(大腿) part of the leg between the hip and the knee

thirst: Read
(渴,口渴,渴望,热望) sensation of dryness in the throat

threshold: Read
n. Syn. entrance; beginning
(开始,开端) entrance; starting point for a new state or experience

thrive: Read
v. Syn. prosper; flourish
(繁荣,昌盛) make steady progress; prosper; flourish

throbbing: Read
(猛打) beating or pounding strongly

throng: Read
n. Syn. crowd
(聚集) large group of people gathered or crowded closely together

thrust: Read
n. Syn. push; drive
(推力,冲) push; force used in pushing ; activity or idea is the main or essential thing it expresses

tide: Read
n. Syn. current
(潮汐,潮流) periodic rise and fall of the sea level

tidy: Read
(整洁的,有条不紊的) being in proper time; timely; arranged in good order; orderly; appropriate; neat; kept in proper

tighten: Read
(使紧,变紧,使更严) draw tighter; straiten; make closer in any manner.

tile: Read
(瓦,瓷砖,花砖) flat thin rectangular slab used to cover surfaces; short length of pipe made of clay or concrete, used in sewers and drains

tilt: Read
n. Syn. slant; lean
(倾斜) slight but noticeable partiality; line or surface that departs from the vertical

timber: Read
n. Syn. wood; lumber
(木材,木料) wood; lumber; trees or wooded land considered as a source of wood

timely: Read
(适时的,及时的) being or occurring in good time; sufficiently early; seasonable

timidity: Read
(胆怯) lack of self-confidence or courage

tinge: Read
(微调(颜色或味道)) degree, usually a slight degree, of some color, taste

toddle: Read
((小孩子的)蹒跚学步) walk with short, tottering steps, as a child.

toil: Read
(辛苦,辛勤劳作) exhausting labor or effort; any thread, web, or string spread for taking prey

token: Read
(象征,记号,纪念品,金属代币,礼券) something intended or supposed to represent another thing; sign or symbol; memorial of friendship

tolerable: Read
(尚好的,尚可以的,可以忍受的) capable of being borne or endured; supportable, either physically or mentally.

tolerance: Read
(忍受,宽容) capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others; capacity to endure hardship or pain

toll: Read
(清空,鸣钟,(道路,港 口的)通行费,过路税) charge a fee for using; sound in slowly repeated single tones; announce or summon by ringing a bell

toneless: Read
(单调的,平板的,枯燥无味的) having no tone; unmusical.

tonic: Read
(精神充沛的) something producing physical, mental, or emotional vigor

tornado: Read
n. Syn. cyclone; windstorm
(旋风,龙卷风) cyclone; localized and violently destructive windstorm

torrent: Read
n. Syn. flood
(急流,洪水) rushing stream; flood; heavy downpour

touchy: Read
a. Syn. sensitive; irascible; delicate
(暴躁的,难以处理的,易上火的) tending to take offense with slight cause; oversensitive; requiring special tact or skill in handling

tourism: Read
(旅行,旅游,观光) practice of traveling for pleasure; business of providing tours and services for tourists

tournament: Read
n. Syn. contest; competition
(比赛,锦标赛) contest; sporting competition in which contestants play a series of games to decide the winner

tow: Read
v. Syn. pull; drag
(拖引,牵引) draw or pull behind by a chain or line

tract: Read
n. Syn. pamphlet
(地域,小册子) expanse of land or water; system of organs that perform a specialized function; leaflet or pamphlet

traction: Read
(牵引) friction between body and surface on which it moves

trait: Read
n. Syn. quality; attribute; characteristic
(特征,特性) quality; attribute; distinguishing feature; slight degree or amount

traitor: Read
(卖国贼,叛徒) one who violates his allegiance and betrays his country

trample: Read
v. Syn. destroy
(践踏,踩坏) destroy; step on

tranquility: Read
(宁静,安静) a state of peace and quiet

transaction: Read
n. Syn. deal
(交易) deal; communication involving two or more people that affects all those involved

transcend: Read
v. Syn. surpass; exceed
(超出,超越) surpass; exceed; pass beyond the limits of

transcript: Read
(抄本) reproduction of a written record as a legal or school record

transform: Read
v. Syn. change; convert
((使)变形,改观) change in outward structure or looks; convert

transfuse: Read
(输血,充满) pour, as liquid, out of one vessel into another; transfer by pouring

transgress: Read
(超越,超过) pass over or beyond; surpass

transistor: Read
(晶体管,晶体管收音机) small electronic device containing a semiconductor and having at least three electrical contacts

transit: Read
(通过,经过,转口,过境运输) act of passing; passage through or over; line or route of passage

transition: Read
n. Syn. passage; change
(过渡,转换,跃迁) going from one state of action to another

translucent: Read
(半透明的) partly transparent; transmitting rays of light without permitting objects to be distinctly seen

transmission: Read
(传动,播送消息,动力传送器) act of transmitting; automotive assembly of gears; sending of a signal

transmit: Read
v. Syn. forward; convey
(传送,传播) forward; send from one person or place to another

transparent: Read
a. Syn. airy; obvious
(透明的,容易检测的,明晰的) easily detected; permitting light to pass through freely

traverse: Read
(穿过) go through or across, often under difficult conditions

treatise: Read
(论文) systematic, usually extensive written discourse on a subject

treaty: Read
(条约,协约,协定) act of treating for the adjustment of differences; negotiation

treble: Read
(三倍的,三重的,高音,高音乐器) make threefold or triple; play or sing the highest part or most acute sounds

trek: Read
n. Syn. travel; journey
(旅行) travel; journey or leg of a journey, especially when slow or difficult

tremble: Read
(发抖,哆嗦,打颤) shake involuntarily, as with fear, cold, or weakness; quake; quiver; shiver; shudder

trench: Read
n. Syn. ditch; canal
(沟,壕沟) canal; deep furrow or ditch; long, steep-sided valley on the ocean floor

trend: Read
n. Syn. tendency
(倾向,趋势) popular taste; general direction in which something tends to move

trespass: Read
(过失,侵入) unlawfully enter boundaries of some else's property; commit an offense or a sin

tributary: Read
(辅助的,支流的) branch that flows into the main stream; tending to bring about; being partly responsible for

trickle: Read
v. Syn. dribble; drip
(滴,细流) flow in drops; run or flow slowly; drip

trifle: Read
(微不足道,琐事) a thing of very little value or importance

trim: Read
v. Syn. clip; prune
(修剪,整饰) clip; cut down to the desired size or shape

triumph: Read
n. Syn. victory
(胜利) victory; win; expressing great joy

trivial: Read
a. Syn. unimportant; trifling; commonplace
(不重要的,普通的) unimportant; of little significance or value; ordinary; commonplace

tropic: Read
(回归线,热带,热带地区) one of the two small circles of the celestial sphere, situated on each side of the equator, and parallel to it; hot and humid place

troupe: Read
(剧团) organization of performers and associated personnel

truant: Read
(逃学者,旷课者,逃学,旷课) wandering from business or duty; one who is absent without permission, especially from school

truce: Read
(停战,休战(协定)) suspension of arms of opposing forces; temporary quiet of action, pain, contest; period of no fighting takes place

trumpet: Read
(喇叭) brass musical instrument with brilliant tone

trustworthy: Read
a. Syn. dependable; reliable
(可信赖的) dependable; reliable

tug: Read
(用力拉,使劲拖,拖拉,拖船) pull or draw with great effort; draw along with continued exertion; haul along; tow

tuition: Read
(学费) teaching pupils individually; fee for instruction, especially at a formal institution of learning

tumble: Read
(翻滚,翻落) fall down, as if collapsing

tumour: Read
n. Syn. tumor
(肿瘤) tumor; abnormal growth of tissue resulting from uncontrolled, progressive multiplication of cells

tumult: Read
n. Syn. commotion; riot; noise
(吵闹,混乱) noise, as made by a crowd; riot or uprising

turbulent: Read
a. Syn. violent; tempestuous; furious
(吵闹的,狂暴的) characterized by unrest or disorder

turf: Read
(草皮,地盘) surface layer of earth containing a dense growth of grass; territory claimed by a juvenile gang as its own

turmoil: Read
n. Syn. commotion
(骚动,混乱) state of extreme confusion or agitation; commotion or tumult

turnover: Read
(翻过去,翻倒,销售量,人员更新) act or result of turning over; upset; amount of money turned over or drawn in a business in a specified time; amount of people replaced in a business

tutor: Read
v. Syn. guide; direct
(辅导,当家庭教师) guide; give individual instruction

twig: Read
(细枝,嫩枝) small branch or division of a branch

twilight: Read
(黎明,微明,黄昏,薄暮) light perceived before the rising, and after the setting, of the sun; faint light; dubious or uncertain medium through which anything is viewed

twinkle: Read
(闪烁,闪耀,闪闪发光) open and shut the eye rapidly; blink; wink

typhoon: Read
n. Syn. cyclone
(台风) tropical cyclone occurring in the western Pacific; violent whirlwind

tyrannical: Read
a. Syn. dictatorial; domineering; authoritarian
(暴虐的,残暴的) dictatorial; domineering; authoritarian

tyre: Read
n. Syn. tire
(轮胎,轮箍) tire; covering for a wheel, usually made of rubber reinforced with cords of nylon