Words of Topic: Animals

Word group for topic: Animals, it helps to enhance speaking and writing skills in English tests, especially for ESL students who are working for IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE exams.
 Word Group By Topic: Animals

appreciate  Speak
used when you are thanking someone or showing that you are grateful
We really appreciate all the help you gave us last weekend.
stand out  Speak
to be very noticeable
Every tree, wall and fence stood out against dazzling white fields.
creation  Speak
the action of bringing something into existence
The government should be concentrating on job creation , not on cutting benefits for the unemployed.
special  Speak
not ordinary or usual
I have a special love for animals, especially dogs, cats.
emotional  Speak
having and expressing strong feelings
I felt quite emotional during the wedding ceremony.
connection  Speak
a relationship between two things, people, or groups
There is a connection between pollution and the death of trees.
dedicated to something  Speak
believing that something is very important and giving a lot of time and energy to it
She's completely dedicated to her work.
come across somebody  Speak
find somebody or meet somebody by chance; encounter
He came across some old love letters.
husky  Speak
a strong, furry dog, which is used to pull sledges across snow
Are Huskies dangerous?
infeasible  Speak
a not easily done
It is not infeasible that he could manage it.
child-friendly  Speak
special features that children like
The hotel is very child-friendly and offers a babysitting service.
fatal  Speak
causing death
A hospital spokesman said she had suffered a fatal heart attack.
dread to think  Speak
used to say that you do not want to think about something because it is too worrying
I dread to think how much it has cost.
improvement  Speak
an occasion when something gets better or when you make it better
I've been playing okay but there's plenty of room for improvement.
vertical  Speak
standing straight up at an angle of 90 to a horizontal surface
Water that had leaked from above formed a vertical line down one wall.
beloved  Speak
loved very much
She was forced to leave her beloved Paris and return to Lyon.
rear  Speak
to care for young animals or children until they are able to care for themselves
He describes how these birds rear their young.
adopt  Speak
legally take another's child and bring it up as one's own
They have no children of their own, but they're hoping to adopt.
hobby  Speak
an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure
My hobbies are letter writing, football and music.
immense  Speak
extremely good
He's an immense goalkeeper.
naughty  Speak
behave badly or do not do what they are told to do
Our boss treats us all like naughty children.
relatively  Speak
to a certain degree, especially when compared with other things of the same kind
These people are living on relatively low incomes.
absolutely  Speak
I trusted him absolutely.
definitely  Speak
without any doubt
He definitely said he'd be here.
cage  Speak
a structure shaped like a box but with bars or wires as its sides, for keeping pets or for housing animals
He removed the birds from their cages before they were humanely culled.
dump  Speak
to put down or drop something in a careless way
She had been strangled with her own scarf and her body dumped in the woods.
stroke  Speak
move one's hand with gentle pressure over, typically repeatedly
He put his hand on her hair and stroked it.
depressed  Speak
unhappy and without hope
She's been very depressed and upset about this whole situation.
hesitate  Speak
to pause before you do or say something, often because you are uncertain or nervous about it
If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me.
chores  Speak
a job or piece of work that needs to be done regularly
By the time he’d finished all the household chores it was mid-afternoon.
companion  Speak
a person you spend a lot of time with often because you are friends
The dog has been her constant companion these past ten years.
relieve  Speak
to make an unpleasant feeling, such as pain or worry, less strong
She relieved her boredom at home by learning how to type.