Words of Topic: Weather

Word group for topic: Weather, it helps to enhance speaking and writing skills in English tests, especially for ESL students who are working for IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE exams.
 Word Group By Topic: Weather
forecast  Speak
a prediction, as of coming weather
The weather forecast stated that it would rain.
degrees Celsius  Speak
used to measure the temperature
In my hometown, winters are shorter and milder, while daytime summer temperatures normally range from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.
mild  Speak
warm and pleasant, especially warmer than usual for the time of year
The weather is mild today, it is neither hot nor cold.
warm  Speak
fairly hot in a way that is comfortable and pleasant
It was warm enough for us to sit outside.
chilly  Speak
cold enough to be unpleasant
The days are still warm but the evenings are getting chilly.
freezing cold  Speak
extremely and unpleasantly cold
You can't leave without a coat, it's freezing cold out!
gloomy  Speak
weather with dark clouds and dull light
It was another gray, gloomy day.
clear  Speak
without clouds
I adore clear weather, when there are no clouds on the sky.
drizzle  Speak
rain lightly
It drizzled throughout the night.
humid  Speak
hot and wet in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable
New York is very hot and humid in the summer.
snow-covered  Speak
covered with snow
The sun reflected off the snow-covered mountains.
heavy snow  Speak
a large amount of snow
After today's heavy snow, many roads are still blocked.
frosty  Speak
very cold, with a thin layer of white ice covering everything
It was a cold and frosty morning.
snowstorm  Speak
a heavy fall of snow that is blown by strong winds
Traffic in the city was interrupted by a snowstorm.
hail  Speak
If it hails, small, hard balls of ice fall from the sky like rain.
Hail fell with such violence that it broke windows.
high wind  Speak
strong wind
The high wind whistled through the streets in winter.
breeze  Speak
a nice gentle wind
The wind blew not just gentle breezes but full-blown bone chilling winds.
smog  Speak
fog or haze combined with smoke and other atmospheric pollutants
The city was overhung with the pollutant smog.
light rain  Speak
gentle rain
When the sun shines through a light rain, it makes a rainbow.
downpour  Speak
a heavy rain
It was the heaviest downpour ever recorded.
boiling hot  Speak
of the weather, having an extremely hot temperature
I hate July in this part of the country, it's boiling hot down here.
sunshine  Speak
the heat and light of the sun
A ray of sunshine shone through a gap in the clouds.
dry  Speak
without rain
The weather is usually dry and sunny at this time of year.
heat stroke  Speak
a dangerous physical condition because of being too long in hot weather
It’s often boiling hot in my city in the summer and a lot of people suffer from heat stroke.