Words of Topic: Hurry

Word group for topic: Hurry, it helps to enhance speaking and writing skills in English tests, especially for ESL students who are working for IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE exams.
 Word Group By Topic: Hurry
urgent  Speak
very important and needing attention immediately
If he comes in my direction I find something urgent to do out the back.
rush  Speak
a situation in which you have to hurry or move somewhere quickly
He was in a rush to get home.
terrible  Speak
very unpleasant or serious or of low quality
We have just received some terrible news.
loss  Speak
the action or state of not having or keeping something any more
The company’s losses over the last few years have been staggering.
immediately  Speak
now or without waiting or thinking
We really ought to leave immediately.
guilty  Speak
If you feel guilty, you feel that you have done something wrong
I feel so guilty about forgetting your birthday.
deadline  Speak
a time or day by which something must be done
Now that the deadline is approaching we all feel under pressure.
put something off  Speak
to decide or arrange to delay an event or activity until a later time or date
The meeting has been put off for a week.
efficiency  Speak
the good use of time and energy in a way that does not waste any
What is so impressive about their society is the efficiency of the public services.
prioritize  Speak
to arrange in order of importance so that you can deal with the most important things before the others
You have to prioritize in this job because you can’t do everything.
time limit  Speak
a limit of time within which something must be done
With this pass, you can use the rail system as much as you like within a certain time limit.
arrange  Speak
to plan, prepare for, or organize something
I'm trying to arrange my work so that I can have a couple of days off next week.
purpose  Speak
why you do something or why something exists
The purpose of the research is to try to find out more about the causes of the disease.
overestimate  Speak
to think that something is or will be greater, more extreme, or more important than it really is
I’m afraid Theresa is forever overestimating her strength.
unconsciously  Speak
without realizing or being aware of one's actions
Ben smiled unconsciously when he heard her voice.
unforgettable  Speak
impossible to forget; very memorable
A visit to the Museum is an unforgettable experience.
rectify  Speak
put (something) right; correct
I am determined to take whatever action is necessary to rectify the situation.
trifling  Speak
small or not important
This is not some trifling matter.
stick  Speak
to cause something to become fixed, for example with glue or another similar substance
My car's stuck in the mud.
catch  Speak
to discover, see, or realize something, especially someone doing something wrong
If the virus is caught in time, most patients can be successfully treated.
miss  Speak
to fail to do or experience something, often something planned or expected
I missed the start of the class because my bus was late.
take time  Speak
to need a long time
Broken bones always take time to heal.
preparations  Speak
plans or arrangements that you make to prepare for something
Preparations for the opening ceremony are well underway.
careful  Speak
giving attention to something in order to avoid esp. an accident or problem
Be careful to look both ways when you cross the street.
considerate  Speak
caring about and respectful of others
He is always a kind and considerate host.
logical  Speak
using reason
Students need the ability to construct a logical argument.
preoccupied  Speak
thinking a lot about something or someone, and so you hardly notice other things
She looked very preoccupied.
stressed  Speak
worried and nervous
I feel less stressed since I've been working just part-time.
acceptable  Speak
satisfactory and able to be agreed to or approved of
This kind of attitude is simply not acceptable.
perspective  Speak
a particular way of considering something
Her attitude lends a fresh perspective to the subject.
insure  Speak
to make something certain, or to be certain about something
Because of the importance of the game, we wanted to insure that it would be televised.
previously  Speak
before the present time or the time referred to
She was previously employed as a tour guide.
well-organized  Speak
having good organization; orderly and efficient
He was smart and well-organized.
orderly  Speak
well arranged or organized
The passengers were asked to leave the plane in an orderly fashion.
deny  Speak
to not allow someone to have or do something
Her request for time off work was denied.
relief  Speak
a feeling of happiness that something unpleasant has not happened or has ended
She breathed a sigh of relief when she finished her exams.