Words of Topic: Travel

Word group for topic: Travel, it helps both IELTS and TOEFL test takers prepare speaking and writing answers on this particular topic.

 Word Group By Topic: Travel
accommodation  Speak
a room or building in which you stay during travel or live.
While I'm travelling, my favourite types of accommodation are hotels.
all inclusive  Speak
a hotel deal which the price includes accommodation, meals and drinks at any time.
I've never thought that hotels with all-incusive service are so comfortable!
half-board  Speak
if you request 'half-board' at a hotel, breakfast and dinner would be included in the hotel price (as part of the package).
We liked our tour with half-board service. We spent breakfasts and dinners in the hotel and had lunches in the nearby restaurant.
full-board  Speak
if you request 'full-board' at a hotel, that would include all three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the price of your accommodation.
The price of the holiday includes flights, full board, and all extras.
self-catering  Speak
a holiday deal that meals are not provided.
My family decided to go for self-catering rather than stay in a hotel.
book  Speak
to arrange to have a seat, room, performer, etc. at a particular time in the future.
The hotel is fully booked (up).
breathtaking view  Speak
an extremely beautiful view
I’ve seen many breathtaking views during my journey to Rocky Mountains.
charter flight  Speak
a cheaper form of flying than a scheduled flight.
Due to our modest budget, we had to take a charter-flight.
destination  Speak
the place where someone is going.
New York is a popular holiday destination for tourists.
guided tour  Speak
a tour in which a group of people is guided by an expert.
Guided tours are a great way to learn about different places of interest.
local crafts  Speak
things made in the region.
I always bought some local crafts when i was travelling.
travel agency  Speak
a company or shop that makes travel arrangements for people.
I called several travel agencies to compare prices before I booked a flight.
travel agent  Speak
a person whose job is to find information about travel and arrange for tickets and hotel rooms.
We asked the travel agent if any discount fares were still available.
stunning landscape  Speak
a large area of countryside.
It is a wonderful country, with great people, stunning landscape, and marvellous wildlife. (Times, Sunday Times 2009)
sightseeing  Speak
the activity of visiting interesting places, especially by people on holiday.
Unfortunately, I had no time to go sightseeing in Berlin.
tourist trap  Speak
a crowded place where provides entertainment and things to buy for tourists, often at high prices.
We tried to avoid tourists traps while travelling.
youth hostel  Speak
a place where people can stay cheaply when they are travelling.
He said he had met her in a youth hostel in France.
long weekend  Speak
Saturday and Sunday with at least one extra day added, either Friday or Monday.
We spent a long weekend with my parents.