Words of Topic: Education

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 Word Group By Topic: Education
public school  Speak
an expensive type of private school in the UK; a school that is supported financially by the government and usually provides free education in the USA, Australia
He was headmaster of a public school in the West of England.
single-sex schools  Speak
schools for either boys or girls
My brother studied in a single-sex school.
state school  Speak
a school which is paid for by the state or country; in USA, use public school
It is hard to find a good state school nowadays.
boarding school  Speak
a school where pupils live in during the school term
She sent her son to a boarding school in the East.
bachelor's degree  Speak
a first degree awarded by universities
He received his bachelor's degree last year.
master's degree  Speak
an advanced college or university degree
He took a master's degree in economics at Yale.
distance learning  Speak
E-learning; a way of studying where tuition is carried out over the Internet or by post
We believe that distance learning offers a way of overcoming shortages of qualified instructors.
higher education  Speak
education beyond high school, especially at a college or university
The number of pupils from his school entering higher education has doubled in a year.
individual tuition  Speak
private tuition; instruction received individually or in a small group
He wanted more seminars and more individual tuition.
intensive course  Speak
a course that offers longer and more frequent classes
It's an intensive course, highly satisfying, and it works very well.
internship  Speak
a period of time during which a student works for a company or organization in order to get experience of a particular type of work
Students undertake a summer internship of eight to ten weeks between their first and second years.
humanities  Speak
studies about human culture, such as literature, languages, philosophy, and history
Humanities and the social sciences have been slow to catch up.
sciences  Speak
studies about the world, such as physics, biology, chemistry, and maths
The study of science has enriched all our lives.
bookworm  Speak
a person devoted to studying or reading
A school is creating a new generation of bookworms with an innovative reading project.
eager beaver  Speak
a person who is willing to work very hard
My friend is a real eager beaver, working 11 hours a day.
face-to-face classes  Speak
a traditional way of studying, students are in a classroom with a teacher
When offering online courses, many schools have found that enrolled students will progress at a pace different from face-to-face classes.
hit the books  Speak
to study, very intensely
You better hit the books if you want to pass your exam on Wednesday.
mature student  Speak
a student at a college or university who is older than the usual age
Nowadays it's not uncommon to face a mature student in the class. People often change professions and get a second or third degree in their mid-thirties.
schoolboy error  Speak
a very basic and stupid mistake
Sending the wrong message to the wrong group is a schoolboy error you will avoid with the help of our app.
teacher's pet  Speak
a school pupil who is favored by the teacher
She was teacher's pet, and everyone hated her.
three Rs  Speak
basic children's education skills (reading, writing, arithmetic)
The three Rs are basic skills taught in schools.
attend classes  Speak
to visit classes
She had an upset stomach and was unable to attend classes.
goof around  Speak
spend time doing silly things
They just goof around, roll around on the floor and fight.
meet a deadline  Speak
to finish something within a time limit
Working under pressure to meet a deadline had a motivating effect.
pass with flying colours  Speak
to pass easily and with excellent result
Now he's gone back to driving school in an effort to pass with flying colours.
play truant  Speak
to stay away from school without permission
She was getting into trouble over playing truant from school.
tuition fees  Speak
money that a student pays to a university for their teaching
I have to borrow £9,000 a year to pay my tuition fees next year.