Words of Topic: Borrowing

Word group for topic: Borrowing, it helps to enhance speaking and writing skills in English tests, especially for ESL students who are working for IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE exams.
 Word Group By Topic: Borrowing
avid  Speak
extremely eager or interested
He took an avid interest in the project.
recommend  Speak
suggest (a choice, course of action, etc.) as appropriate, beneficial
I have just spent a holiday there and would recommend it to anyone.
awkward  Speak
embarrassing and difficult to deal with
I was the first to ask him awkward questions but there'll be harder ones to come.
seldom  Speak
rarely, infrequently, almost never
They seldom speak.
innumerable  Speak
too many to be counted
The project has been delayed by innumerable problems.
means  Speak
I don’t have the means to buy books.
make ends meet  Speak
to have just enough money to pay for the things that you need
They've got to watch every penny to make ends meet.
wear and tear  Speak
the damage or change that is caused to something when it is being used normally
The furniture suffers a lot of wear and tear when the children are at home.
on time  Speak
on schedule, not late
Their planes usually arrive on time.
fragile  Speak
easily damaged, broken, or harmed
Please don't handle the vases - they're very fragile.
persist  Speak
continue to do something, even though it is difficult or other people are against it
When I set my mind to something, I persist.
compromise  Speak
settle a dispute by mutual concession
Well, you want $400 and I say $300, so let's compromise at/on $350.
write sth off  Speak
to decide that a particular person or thing will not be useful, important, or successful
A lot of companies seem to write people off if they’re over 50.
assume  Speak
suppose to be the case, without proof
I assume it's supposed to prove some point, although I don't exactly know what.
reasonable  Speak
sensible, acceptable
We have a strong team and a reasonable chance of winning the game.
tiny  Speak
extremely small, less important
Though she was tiny, she had a very loud voice.
let go  Speak
to stop holding something, to give up
Hold on tight and don't let go!
give in  Speak
submit, yield
I pressed my parents until they finally gave in and registered me for skating classes.
frustrating  Speak
making you feel annoyed or less confident because you cannot achieve what you want
He doesn't listen to what I say and it's so frustrating.
upset  Speak
unhappy, disappointed, worried
They are terribly upset by the break-up of their parents' marriage.
repay  Speak
pay back
He had to sell his car to repay the bank loan.
give back  Speak
to return
I gave the textbook back to him.