ESL Vocabulary about Art

ESL Vocabulary about topic 'Art', a small word group with meanings and sentences. The vocabulary has 32 words. The sample words are as follows: convention, tag, admission, delighted, portrait, auction, pottery, demonstrate, sculpture, dedication, weaver, admit, .... It helps to enhance speaking and writing skills efficiently in English tests, especially for ESL students who are working for IELTS and TOEFL. Vocabularies to talk about a topic
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convention  Speak
a large meeting of a group of people who are involved in the same type of work or who have similar interests
This show was held in the convention center of my city, which I toured with my friends.
tag  Speak
follow at heels
Actually, I had tagged along with my friends just to get refreshment.
admission  Speak
permission to enter a place
There was a small admission fee for guests, which we charged gladly.
delighted  Speak
feeling or showing great pleasure
We were delighted to see the various types of art on show.
portrait  Speak
a painting, photograph, or drawing of a person
The first category was portraits, of paintings of various types by various artists.
auction  Speak
sell or offer for sale at an auction
Some of these artworks have also been auctioned at this show.
pottery  Speak
objects that are made out of clay by hand
We've enjoyed pottery art in the next segment.
demonstrate  Speak
to show or make something clear
There was an actual studio where the artist demonstrated how the pots were made.
sculpture  Speak
the art of creating objects out of material such as wood, clay, metal, or stone
We saw many art forms, such as handicrafts, stone sculptures, jewelry making, and several others.
dedication  Speak
the willingness to give a lot of time and energy to something because it is important
I never knew the dedication they had to bring into their work.
weaver  Speak
a person whose job is weaving cloth and other materials
One weaver said it took him over 30 days to make only one scarf.
admit  Speak
to agree that something is true
I have to admit that this show made me comfortable with different types of art and raised the importance of artists in my mind.
eclectic  Speak
consisting of different types, methods, styles, etc.
It had an eclectic collection of paintings from around the globe.
contemporary  Speak
existing or happening now
Lately, I went to the Contemporary Art Gallery Museum last week.
donation  Speak
money or goods that are given to help a person or organization, or the act of giving them
I had also noticed that there was one counter to make donations.
explore  Speak
to search and discover something
Children can actually learn a lot through exploring the arts and doing art activities.
entertaining  Speak
funny and enjoyable
Art exploration is not only entertaining but also educational.
curious  Speak
eager to know or learn something
Children are naturally curious.
wobbly  Speak
tending to move unsteadily from side to side
When a child draws a picture, paints a portrait, or hangs buttons from a wobbly mobile, that child is beginning to communicate visually.
verbal  Speak
able to use words and talk
Sometimes art goes beyond verbal language to communicate the feelings that people may not express.
possibility  Speak
to try something to discover what it is like or find out more about it
When children explore art ideas, they test possibilities and work through challenges, and much like scientists who experiment and find solutions.
relieve  Speak
cause (pain, distress, or difficulty) to become less severe
Giving your child a creative outlet can help relieve stress and work through things happening in their lives.
outcome  Speak
the way a thing turns out
Instead of sitting down with a specific plan or outcome in mind, let your child explore, experiment, and use their imaginations.
unstructured  Speak
without formal organization
Encouraging your child in the action of unstructured art helps them work with intrinsic motivation.
vibrant  Speak
full of energy and enthusiasm
Through their collections, programming, and facilities, great museums are vibrant community centers as well as must-see destinations.
temporarily  Speak
for a limited period of time
Like many museums, we will temporarily limit our hours of operation and the number of visitors and staff in the galleries.
express  Speak
to show a feeling, opinion, or fact
Art is important because all societies need to express their culture through art.
just  Speak
based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair
Museums, schools, and libraries essentially support a just and equitable society.
diversity  Speak
the fact of many different things being existing together in a group
The artist said that we're examining how to tell a diversity of stories in inclusive, informed, and just ways.
enable  Speak
to make someone able to do something, or to make something possible
I believe in the essential role of arts education, which is to enable people to experience the world through the eyes of artists.
vigor  Speak
physical strength and good health
Museums need to demonstrate their value with renewed vigor.
dynamic  Speak
the forces that control the relationships people or things have with each other and how those relationships can change
Audience development should also be a multilateral dynamic.