ESL Vocabulary about Insect

ESL Vocabulary about topic 'Insect', a small word group with meanings and sentences. The vocabulary has 32 words. The sample words are as follows: adore, hair-raising, living organism, pollinate, produce, loathe, no-brainer, frightened, hornet, life-threatening, endearing, insecticide, .... It helps to enhance speaking and writing skills efficiently in English tests, especially for ESL students who are working for IELTS and TOEFL. Vocabularies to talk about a topic
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adore  Speak
love and respect (someone) deeply
He adored his mother.
hair-raising  Speak
frightening or shocking
She told us a hair-raising story about suddenly meeting a bear on her camping trip.
living organism  Speak
A living organism is composed of cells. The cells divide and the body of the organisms show growth due to the increase in the number of cells
A tree is a living organism and shows the process of growth.
pollinate  Speak
move the pollen from one plant to another in order to reproduce
There are not enough bees to pollinate their crops.
produce  Speak
to make something or bring something into existence
Red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow.
loathe  Speak
to feel strong hate, dislike, or disgust for someone or something
I loathe doing housework.
no-brainer  Speak
something such as a decision that is very easy or obvious
The decision was a complete no-brainer.
frightened  Speak
feeling fear or worry
Are you frightened of spiders?
hornet  Speak
a large wasp that can give you a bad sting
Hornets live in nests and have a powerful sting.
life-threatening  Speak
able to cause death
Caitlin was born with a life-threatening heart condition.
endearing  Speak
making someone like you
She laughs at herself a lot, which is always endearing.
insecticide  Speak
a chemical substance made and used for killing insects, especially those that eat plants
The timber can be treated with insecticide.
irritating  Speak
making you feel annoyed or angry
There was one irritating delay after another.
firefly  Speak
Firefly is a type of beetle that produces light from its body
A firefly found its way in through the rush curtain.
butterfly  Speak
a type of insect with large, often brightly colored wings
These flowers are brightly colored in order to attract butterflies.
bee  Speak
a yellow and black flying insect that makes honey and can sting you
My arm swelled up where I was stung by a bee.
beetle  Speak
an insect with a hard shell-like back
What are the red beetles that are eating my snake's heads?
stunning  Speak
extremely impressive or attractive
She looked stunning.
ecosystem  Speak
all the living things in an area and the way they affect each other and the environment
Pollution can have disastrous effects on the delicately balanced ecosystem.
sketch  Speak
make a rough drawing of
Jeanne sketched and painted whenever she had the time.
biodiverse  Speak
having many different types of animals and plants
Colombia is one of the most biodiverse nations in the world.
jungles  Speak
a tropical forest in which trees and plants grow very closely together
The lion is often called the king of the jungle.
rainforest  Speak
a forest in a tropical area that receives a lot of rain
Many plant and animal species are found only in the rainforests.
botanical  Speak
involving or relating to plants or the study of plants
Several new botanical species have been discovered in the last year.
shape  Speak
the particular physical form or appearance of something
This T-shirt has been washed so many times that it's lost its shape.
documentary  Speak
a film or television or radio program that gives facts and information about a subject
They showed a documentary on animal communication.
portray  Speak
to represent or describe someone or something in a painting, film, book, or other artistic work
The painting portrays a beautiful young woman in a blue dress.
sting  Speak
if insect stings you, a sharp part of it, usually covered with poison, is pushed into your skin so that you feel a sharp pain
The nettles stung their legs.
stinger  Speak
the pointed part of an insect, plant, or animal that stings
He suffered a stinger on his right shoulder.
rash  Speak
a lot of small red spots on the skin
I've got an itchy rash all over my chest.
aesthetically  Speak
in a way that gives pleasure through beauty
The buildings of the factory have been aesthetically designed and laid out.
textures  Speak
the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance
The fabric has a very soft texture.