ESL Vocabulary about News

ESL Vocabulary about topic 'News', a small word group with meanings and sentences. The vocabulary has 33 words. The sample words are as follows: various, channel, the mass media, switch to, informed, habit, publish, outlook, scientific, monitor, segment, emergency, .... It helps to enhance speaking and writing skills efficiently in English tests, especially for ESL students who are working for IELTS and TOEFL. Vocabularies to talk about a topic
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various  Speak
more than one; several
I'm really fond of getting news from various sources.
channel  Speak
a television station
I came to know about it from the news channels on TV.
the mass media  Speak
newspapers, television, radio, and the internet
The news media are those elements of the mass media that focus on delivering news to the general public or a target public.
switch to  Speak
turn to
She switched to another channel to watch the news.
informed  Speak
having a lot of knowledge or information about something
I want to make myself better informed about the world.
habit  Speak
something that you do often and regularly
Reading newspapers makes a good habit and it is already part of my life.
publish  Speak
to make information available to people, especially in a book, magazine, or newspaper
News websites publish a story much faster than newspapers.
outlook  Speak
a person's point of view or general attitude to life
This habit will widen my outlook and will enrich my knowledge.
scientific  Speak
relating to science
I really like reading scientific-related news.
monitor  Speak
to watch and check a situation carefully for a period of time in order to discover something about it
We need to constantly monitor the world around us for changes in our surroundings that may affect us.
segment  Speak
any of the parts into which something can be divided
The news program contained a brief segment on white-collar crime.
emergency  Speak
a dangerous or serious situation, such as an accident that happens suddenly or unexpectedly and needs immediate action
News channels sometimes tell us how to deal with emergencies.
humanitarian  Speak
connected with improving people's lives and reducing suffering
They like stories with a humanitarian perspective on the world.
value  Speak
to consider something important
This segment values news stories about children, health, educational issues, and environmental protection.
bias  Speak
an unfair personal opinion that influences your judgment
I feel, now more than ever, that there's already far too much bias in the information on the web.
coverage  Speak
the reporting of a particularly important event or subject
Does news coverage reflect a reporter's bias?
press  Speak
newspapers and magazines, and those parts of television and radio that broadcast news
The press picked up the story and gave it wide coverage.
dedicated  Speak
designed to be used for one particular purpose
We have one TV channel completely dedicated to news, and another dedicated to the sport.
headline  Speak
heading or a title appearing at the top of a page or article
This time the story made national headlines.
trustworthy  Speak
able to be relied on as honest or truthful
Some elders believe that social media are not as trustworthy as newspapers.
crisis  Speak
an extremely difficult point in a situation
News organizations are facing a crisis of trust with their audiences.
literacy  Speak
the ability to read and write
The goal of this study is to boost readers' news literacy, and ultimately help audiences identify and trust reliable news.
shape  Speak
to influence the form of something
The latest research suggests that the news can shape us in surprising ways.
perception  Speak
the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses
The news is affecting our perception of risk, the content of our dreams, and the knowledge of health problems.
slow news day  Speak
a day with little news to report because of a lack of more serious news
It may be a slow news day but it doesn't mean journalists will accept anything.
share  Speak
have a portion of something with another or others
If you have good news to share with friends, that's great.
judge  Speak
to give, or have as an opinion
Maybe some folks will judge other people harshly.
perk  Speak
an advantage
Sharing your positive news also has direct perks for you.
disseminate  Speak
spread something, especially information widely
We want to hear good news and use social media as a medium to create and disseminate it.
reliant  Speak
dependent on someone or something
Young people are highly reliant on their phones, and spend a lot of time with different social networks.
advance  Speak
a forward movement
The advent of the Internet, smartphones, and other technological advances have allowed individuals of all ages to access news and entertainment whenever they wish.
specialization  Speak
the process of concentrating on and becoming an expert in a particular subject or skill
The Internet introduced a high level of specialization into the news media environment, vastly expanding the number of news sources available to the audience.
rely on  Speak
to depend on something
Most elders still rely on traditional media for daily information, turning on the television for news and weather, and to newspapers for a wider range of information.